Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sharing some art...

I had so much fun working on this piece! 
I have wanted to try some of the things I learned & was inspired by during Christy Tomlinson's She Art class. I love how Christy works. She is fast & doodles a ton (not to mention - a super teacher). Like I said before, sometimes I think a bit too much which slows me down. I am working on speeding up a bit & enjoying more freedom in my art play. I used an old board from the back of a frame & started throwing down some background. favorite!
I knew I wanted to make a little girl. I tend to do a lot of children's art. I try lots of different things, but I always make my way back to sweet little girls. :) So I made a large round head with some old book paper. (So funny - the background paper is a Finding Nemo book that my son ripped apart. Normally, I would be a little upset. But I was like, 
"Ewwww, Thank you little guy!" ) 

Hmm, the bird just doesn't look right down there!

Then I just started playing. I saw a little ponytail on the side of her head and went with it. I loved adding the little doodles here and there. Plus the rub ons! Yum! Yum! I love using them. Christy uses them a lot, and she has great rub ons in her Scarlet Lime shop. You should check it out. But I warn will want to shop! :)

Adding more and more!
I see several artists who create girls without faces. I love it! I have done many pieces like that as well and I always like the way they turn out. There is something very sweet about her featureless face. My hubby thought her cheeks were the beginning of Tim Burton big eyes...
now that I look at it - I can see that. 
But, they are cheeks!! :)

Here she is all finished. I added one of my favorite verses, stuck on some cutie epoxy stickers for flower tops, stamped away, and added more doodles. I love the way she turned out. I had such a fabulous time making her...I can't wait to make some more. This sweet thing is going to look adorable framed & hanging in my daughter's room. She will hang next to the cutest piece ever that I bought my SugarBean for Christmas by Danielle Fraser (LOVE her!).

I hope you had a day full of rejoicing!
Big Art-filled Hugs,


This is the day the LORD has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


  1. I love her too. She doesn't have a face but the colors and the materials used in the painting is more than enough to convey a message of hope, life and happiness. :)

    Wishing you a great week. :)

  2. I think she is very cute! Your lucky daughter!!

  3. Love Love Love her!!!! The verse goes so perfectly too. Keep it going art mama you're doing some fantastic work.

  4. Dear Jen-Oh! LOVE your little girl-is she ever cute??? Love the yellow and her hand adorable.Oh! Are you taking the She Art class-I have heard so much about it and so want to take of these days! I hope your little guy is feeling better...this cold is lingering on ...forever over here!!!
    P.S. will write you an e-mail soon!

  5. Jen,

    These are so beautiful, I love them. I know what I would like for Christmas so you have 6 months!

  6. I....LOVE....HER!! This is why I liked Christy's class so much--no time to think--just do--these were the fastest art pieces that I've ever made, and I was always happy with the results. Her new class is starting today, and I can't wait to start--don't have as much time to devote to it, but I'm still excited.

  7. I really love this! Her ponytails are the sweetest ever and I love her cheeks too! I will have to check out that etsy site too - thank you for the link (I think ;). Love your style, xo