Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer of Color - Pink!

It's that time again! The summer is full of color and this week I worked with some pink inspiration. So fun...so girly. 
I love pink
I guess I should say that I love pink...now. As a little girl, I was not dripping in the color. My mom did not deck me out in pink head to toe. My love affair with pink did not start until later...until I was older, an adult...when I became Mama to this little angel...

After this little one's arrival you would have thought a pink tornado whipped through my house. :) Oh yes, this one was dressed in pink...head to toe. 
Even her tiny hair clips were pink, and later her cowboy hats.

So, needless to say I fell in love with pink & she did too. I still love pink (and paint with it A LOT), but lately my heart has been stolen by turquoise. But let's not tell that to Pink. ;)

I had lots of grandiose plans for pink this week & wanted to tackle the challenge (somehow using wax). 
But, the week ran away too quickly! I ended up working on a fairy/angel princess in my journal. I think she still needs some words. I'll get to that later.

I used acrylics, pencil, watercolor crayons, book pages, and some sparkle.

I want to thank you for all the wonderful, sweet comments. I can not express enough how they warm my heart. Seriously. 
I love every. single. one.
Traveling around to all the other artsy, creative blogs is super fun too!
Super huge thanks and hugs to Kristin - our ever sweet 
Summer of Color hostess. :)

What about you?
Do you like pink? I won't hold it against you if you don't. ;)


  1. First of all, your "baby" is absolutely precious! What a cutie! And that birthday shot of her in the hat! Love. I wish Kendra was girly but . . . dramatic sigh . . . tomboy all the way . . . Your journal is really beautiful - I love all the pinks and the delicate details such as the stones under her eye. Really pretty work. And yes, I love pink, second only to pale blue. Wish me luck with yellow ;0 xo

  2. Same here,
    well actually I hated pink as child, and I promised myself that if I had a girl I would never dress her in pink and guess what? I don't have a girl I have two!! And they are always dressed in pink with the occasional blue jeans.
    Your princess is beautiful and she looks as if she is still waiting for her prince to arrive?
    It's great to meet you and your adorable girl. I must get two of those pink cowboy hats!!

  3. I love pink, come visit my blog and follow me too!

  4. Your girl gave you great inspiration 'cuz that drawing is adorable. Love the detail around the eyes! Thanks for visiting me...

  5. Your page and inspiration are adorable!

  6. shw looks so thoughtful - would love to know what she is thinking.

    I'm not a pink lover - never have been - hanging out for the purple and orange weeks!

  7. I love the photos of your daughter.... she is SO sweet. Those sunglasses are awesome :)

    Love your journal page..... such gorgeous shades of pink and so full of detail.

    I am a pink lover too!

  8. Lol..I was never a pink girl either but then daughters make you look at pink...pink bedding pink clothes pink socks....ha ha ha.. but still I am not a pink person..as in..i never arse pink...Okies..onto your page...she is lovely...I love how you've done her nose too...ps..your litegirl is adorable.

  9. I adore that pink little cowboy hat,the wearer is gorgeous in it!
    And The Pink Journal Page is Fantastic! Tee

  10. Your daughter!!--what a cutie that little girl is--the time goes so incredibly fast--enjoy every second of it!
    And next--love your pink lady--I wasn't a big fan of pink, but after seeing all of this pink work and making something myself--I'm growing fonder!
    P.S. Pink and turquois together in a piece--oh--very cool that would be!

  11. I loved pink as a little girl and now more than ever after raising 4 boys and having 5 grandsons my fun with pink has been renewed with our sweet granddaughter Madison as you have shown in her pictures. I think sometimes in these times of neutral color themes we lose sight of colors which are so fun! It's been fun with this weekly color theme to enjoy all that you can do with colors!

  12. What a precious daughter. Like your creation too.

  13. So sweet and I love her little pink glasses!!
    I love your artwork as well! I think she's sassy!!

  14. How sweet is your little pink girl :) Love her glasses and cow-girl hat!!
    ...and your fairy princess is adorable too, love her crown and cute lil wings :)
    I'm a big pink lover!! I live in a house full of boys!! Hubby, 3 sons and even my doggy is male!! (..and I was a real tom-boy when I was a kid) so I think I'm making up for lost time now and for being out-voted!!
    Jan x

  15. I love the pictures, so sweet! My daughter loved hot pink, although she was a tomboy. Her first shoes were hot pink converse.
    Your piece is gorgeous, I love the eyes and the embellishments.

  16. Your daughter is so cute in that pink cowboy hat. And I like your pink haired fairy/angel princess.

    I'm not a pink person....sorry! But I've thoroughly enjoyed working with it this week.

  17. I absolutely adore the photos of your sweet little girl and all of her pink "stuff." The journal page is beautiful! You have a talent for painting faces, that's for sure.

  18. Hello Jen! Ironically, I love pink when I was a kid. I want everything in pink. But when I grew up, I preferred other colors such as blue and green.

    I am not actually much into pink but whenever I see kids and artworks in pink, I am starting to love the color again. :) Everything is pretty in pink!

  19. Your little cutie is made for pink!

  20. She is adorable; I love her hat! You captured her cuteness in those pics!
    I am in love with turquoise, too :D

    I love your journal, too~ Well Done

  21. Haha, I can totally relate to your love for *pink*! I've always been soso about the color, but now with darling daughter, forget about it! She sometimes tells me "look mommy it's pink, *your* favorite color!" lol... Love your piece here, I like that she's surrounded by hearts & butterflies, just beautiful :)