Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer of Color - Yellow!

When I think of yellow, I think of....

And when I think of sunshine I think of these two little cuties...

The song "You are my Sunshine" was the special lullaby I would always sing each night when I put my kiddos to bed... so even though I have heard it a billion times - it still puts a sweet smile on my face.

Besides using yellow this week, Kristin challenged us to find a way to incorporate anything metallic into our work. You can't really see it in the picture, but I used some gold and bronze metallic paint in the background. I really don't bring out the metallic paint until Christmas time (we are half way there already! Can you believe it!?) so it was fun to use.

I have been working my way through my Canson Mixed Media journal and I have found that the pages like to buckle a lot. I mean, I don't mind it that much and it is holding up a bit better than the black sketchbook style books I have picked up at Barnes & Noble. 
Anybody have journals that they just love?? Do tell! :)

The Summer of Color has been super inspiring. I am loving all the different color challenges & I love visiting all the lovely blogs...SO fun!

I am off for a much needed little vacation with my hubby.
Be back Sunday to check in & see what everyone is up to.
Have a wonderful rest of the week. :)



  1. What sweeties they both are! I used to sing that song to my children and you've brought back some very happy memories for me :o)

    Lovely yellow pages and funnily enough, I used gold paint this week and decided that gold is not just for Christmas!

    I always line my art journal pages with paper to avoid buckling and to give strength.

    Enjoy your holiday!

  2. well...adoraable first of all, and your pages are so happy....the best journal is my a4 sized moleskine...i had to get it from japan I think was my closest stockist...but sometimes I gesso mine as well so the pages are extra

  3. Hello Jen! Enjoy your much deserved vacay..and reading your words of motherhood like rendering lullaby to your babies touches me.

  4. Awww what sweet yellow pages.
    Bright and Cheery :)
    I sometimes stick 2 journal pages together to make them thicker, and a coat of gesso makes them stiffer.
    Happy Vacation!
    Jan x

  5. Awwe they are little cuties!
    I used to sing that to my now 18 year old, all the time too! It was her favorite song!
    Really love what you did here!

  6. Awe Jen, this is beautiful! I LOVE your little sunshines and the details on your page - the metallics look great ;) A wonderful yellow contribution - thank you for sharing this with us and have a wonderful time with your DH, xo

  7. Your pages made me smile today! I sang that song to my girl when she was little - she's 14 now :)

  8. your page of your littles sunshine is very nice and make me smile today...that song is in my head now...;-)have a nice week...

  9. I also like to sing that song to my youngest (18 months old) my eldest (3 years old) prefers to sing twinkle, twinkle, plus a very popular Spanish song.
    Your babies are very sweet.

  10. My grandmother used to sing us to sleep with that whenever we stayed over her house. Good memories. Love your sweet yellow pages of your little Sunshines!

    There are new art journals by Strathmore that are fantastic. They come in Mixed-media, watercolor and something else (LOL). Although I use it for mixed media, my favorite is the watercolor (there's 2.. get the one with the heavier weight paper) one. It hold up better with paint, collage, etc.


  11. Dear Sadie-oh! I hope you have a great summer getaway with your hubby! Where are you guys going? Wherever it is...realx and enjoy!
    I use the Canson Monval Mixed Media sketchbook (I get it from Barnes and Nobles) and...I swear by it! I usually gesso and collage the pages that makes it sturdy and less prone to buckling. I am also starting to make altered books-very surdy with the gesso and thick pages (I glue many pages together!)

  12. Oh so cute who wouldn't think of summer looking at those bright & cute faces!!!

  13. What sweeties :)

    I love your pages!

    I like to use old books to journal in. I remove some of the pages so its not too bulky and then glue some together to make them stronger.

    Seems to work ok for me!

  14. Happy Vacationing! I love your Yellow Pages and yes, that is and will always be one of my very favorite lullabies. I even found a onesie on etsy that has these words...!♥ ~kathy

  15. Fun yellowy pages! And adorable subjects. Enjoy your vacation.

  16. Aww, that's got to be just the sweetest lil childrens song. I sing it to my little ones all of the time :) Your pieces reflect your affection, they're beautiful!

  17. Very sweet yellow pieces. My mom has always loved that song and sang it to us a lot when we were young.

  18. Your pages look Awesome. I am just starting an art journal. I have that same problem.. Oh Well...