Monday, July 25, 2011

Purple and Sugar

We have a dancer in our house. 
She is affectionately called my Sugarbean...Sugar for short. 
Her end of the season recital is this weekend and we are very excited because they put on quite a show. This year she has been taking ballet and their costumes are to die for beautiful. 
They are the prettiest shades of purple. 
So when Kristin chose purple as this week's color for The Summer of Color challenge, I knew I wanted to use the coming recital as inspiration.

At dress rehearsal I had taken a lovely picture of her looking back at me over her shoulder. It is the sweetest picture and it takes my breath away every time I look at it. I can't believe that the gorgeous girl looking back at me in that picture is my sweet little baby. Melt my heart. She is growing so fast!

I had an old 12 x 12 frame that I no longer used, so I thought I'd try a straight forward scrapbook layout to frame and hang in her room. Can I tell you that I drool over the whole scrapbook thing. I love the idea, collect all kinds of things to use, have really good intentions, have lots of friends who have "scrap parties" - but I have not finished my daughter's FIRST YEAR scrapbook. 
Hello! She is six!! Please, tell me I am not alone? :)

I really love how it turned out. 
As a bonus challenge we had to use some "bling." OK, twist my arm - this girl does not have a hard time adding sparkle at all! I used scrap paper I already had on hand, ribbon from my stash, the best crystal swirls, sheet music, pretty flowers left over from a cupcake stand I made, and some fun ABC stickers. I left some space to the left of the picture so I can journal a bit after the recital.

The best news - my pint sized ballerina loved it and can't wait for me to hang it up. Sweetness, pure sweetness.

Of course, there was painting too.
I had a canvas that definitely needed some help. 
I am still working on it.
But she went from this....

To this...

Work in Progress

I love all the purple touches. I must have still had red on my mind... look at those lips. Some of you mentioned red lipstick - 
so thank you for the inspiration. :)



  1. Hello Jen! Your daughter is very beautiful. I love that picture of her looking back. I also love the idea of scrapbooking. I am not into arts and crafts but I think this is the nearest art activity that I could venture. Hopefully ;-)

  2. Oh Jen-your daughter is an absolute angel!!! She looks so grown...I totally know how you must feel...she was a baby just a minute ago...right???Where does the time go?? Totally know what you mean about scrapbooking...I did a whole bunch of layouts when I was preggo and then did a lot of journaling while braestfeeding (I mean you can't do anything else while baby is on the boob!!). But then...haven't done anything since!
    Lovea all the stuff you scored at Michaels...I love those 40% off coupons too! soraya xxx

  3. Your daughter is just lovely and the page you designed shows her off beautifully.
    And I love your painting. Such a pretty face.

  4. this scrappy page is wonderful...i am a scrapper and yes it is overwhelming...i am having a year off doing art instead...i am loving it...i love your girl too, how lovely these will look on your little girls room...fab

  5. What a lovely piece to treasure. Your girl painting is gorgeous too.

  6. She is a beauty!! I would be proud too!
    I like her red lips in the painting as well!

  7. The purple is so cool. Your girls are very darling:) I am inspired by their heart wings.

  8. Hi Jen.. thanks for visiting me and your lovely comment... you have a beautiful daughter! I never worried much about the scrapbooking thing, I just keep all those pics from my kids in photo album but most are in boxes
    :( or on Cd's..(shame on me!) I just can never find the time! although scrapbooking started my whole obsession with paper! Your paintings are adorable too! :) Patti

  9. Your dancing daughter is Beautiful! So is your art to hold this loving memory. K

  10. Gorgeous scrapbook page... and such an adorable pic... love the bling too... and your canvas is fab... loved seeing the before and after and can't wait to see the finished result... awesome...

    Jenny x

  11. How cute is Madison!? :) Love the layout. And the painting is fab!

  12. Oh wow - she is stunning!!! WHAT a beautiful memory you have captured here - one that you will all cherish. LOVely artwork, picture and bling ;)
    And yes, I used to scrap all the time - as in a dozen books in her first 2 years (wow, that's embarrassing ;) and Kendra is also almost 6. Not that you would know it now by looking at the last 4 years worth of books - they total nadda . . . not one . . . dramatic sigh, xo

  13. This is a beautiful page for a beautiful daughter. I love all the purples. I too have not finished my three year old's baby scrapbook. I have less than a year to finish my daughter's senior year scrapbook for her high school graduation. I always need a kick to get going on the scrapbooks, while I can happily sew everyday.

  14. Your daughter is beautiful!! what a beautiful page you've created!
    love your painting too!

  15. Lovely scrap page. I have a Madison too!

  16. So pretty! Love all the bling on your page and M's pose is so poetic. Nope, you're not alone! and in fact, I got so far behind (my daughter is 9 and I was still on the baby book) I have given up...just get them printed out now and put them in card files in cool collaged boxes. LOVE your painting and those red lips are perfect! :)

  17. You couldn't go wrong with this one - look at your subject. How adorable! If it makes you feel any better about your scrapbooks, I have 20 year old photos I haven't gotten finished. A long time ago I decided that some was better than none - so I gave up on doing it chronologically. We have 2nd birthday party pictures right next to 10th Christmas. If anyone in my family is bothered by it they are welcome to scrapbook to catch us up...(No takers yet...)

  18. Your page turned out so beautifully! And I loved the purple heart wings on your painting. Can't wait to see what you do for orange! :) nan

  19. Gorgeous scrapbook layout... and such a beautiful photo... ... and your canvas is fabulous, I'm a big 'wings' fan :)

  20. Hey Jen,
    Such a sweet collage. Your daughter is adorable. i love the red:) xo, e