Monday, July 18, 2011

The Summer of Color - Red

Red is so BOLD!
I love it. 
It is all about strength, confidence, love, and fierceness.

I am a pretty shy person, so attention freaks me out. Red screams, "Look at me!" Right? I think secretly I want to deck myself out in red shoes...or maybe a red dress...or a red coat. Totally fabulous. My friends and family would probably pass out from shock. ;) I looked in my closet and I am not kidding...I have one - ONE red cardigan sweater that must have been my attempt at being "bold" for Christmas. 
But, that's it. 

Are you a red wearing girl?
If you are, I totally admire you! :)
I mean, look...

Source: via Mars on Pinterest

Or what about this.... just a little something to wear to Target. :)

Oh my goodness! What about a red shoe? 

I think I need to wear more red! And, have you checked out Pinterest? I could spend hours, but, I won't! :)

So this week the lovely Kristin inspired us to work with red. It was quite fun & I ended up with, of course, another girl (I promise I will try something different!). I had an idea in my head about what I wanted to create in my journal, but started working on another piece of cardboard. I was having tons of fun working on textured backgrounds. I used Mod Podge and some napkins I had on hand. I loved the texture of the napkins & it looked great on the surfaces I was using once it dried for a bit. I love using napkins, tissue paper, and paper towels to add some visual interest to the background. 
I hope you can see it in the picture.

She was Brilliant
I used acrylic paint, Faber-Castell PITT pens, napkins for background texture, watercolor crayons, Sakura white Gelly Roll pen, black Pentel for details, bible pages for wings & crown, and pencil.

See the yummy texture!

Have a beautiful, creative week. I am looking forward to purple this week. I already know what I am doing. :) Come join the fun!



  1. Hello Jen! I am not a fan of color red but your work gave me rare appreciation of the color. She is indeed a beautiful lady in red.

    And don't be afraid to wear your "red" A fabulous artist like you deserves to be a simple and pretty lady in red. :)

  2. Love her little red crown! Great artwork.

  3. Jen, Love your piece, and all the Yummy Textures. Now this is art.
    I also thought the shoes were pretty cool too.
    :) Chris / CS Designs

  4. I love all the red treats you had for us to gaze on and your picture has such a pretty face.

  5. I'm not big on wearing red either--maybe that's why--in real life I like to stay in the background....and that's fine with me.
    But I am starting to like red in my art--it really does make the piece pop.
    Love your girl and those very cool heart wings--it's fun to play with all of these different mediums!

  6. i love red but don't have much either...i love your photos and i love your heart winged

  7. I love her red lips. I have also fantasized about wearing red lipstick...but, alas! I am too shy for such a thing, too. Oh, that deep scarlet gown! aah! In my dreams. We had a wear-red day at work...I couldn't find any. So, even when I tried to use gorgeous red in my journal this past weekend, for Kristin's RED week, I had a really hard time with the first page. I even painted and smeared white over some of it to tone it down. Then, the second red page came A LOT easier. I got into it! Bold can be beautiful! Love your painting and your textured background. ~Kathy

  8. Your girl is FAB!! Love her...especially her heartwarming and her wings. Everything here is awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  9. No, not a huge red wearer either!

    Love your girl.... especially the hearts. Sweet.

  10. Look at that background! How indcredibly clever! Love her lil crown, I do beleive she's brilliant :)
    xo joanna

  11. I like all of your reds. The shoes oh yes! I had a favorite pair of red shoes until my golden ret. chew up one. LOL Guess he liked them too!!!The crown was the perfect touch.

  12. Fab post!
    Your girl is wonderful,Love her crown and wings and gorgeous texture :)
    Jan x

  13. Terrific mixed media piece of art, so love this. Annette x

  14. Hi, Jen. She is beautiful. I love the texture and could totally see it. I just posted my red project tonight. I'm stumped on purple. It is way out of my element. I'm a neutral girl!

  15. Hi

    Thanks for visiting btw

    You were asking about Washi tape.....

    I love it! I got mine here

    but if you Google it you'll get lots of sites pop up! Be careful though cos it is addictive!!!

    Have fun :)


  16. Awe, she's is beautiful! I love all that texture and the bold red really sets it off - fabulous eyes and I love that scalloped collar - thank you for sharing her with us. AND, how about red lipstick? That's a fun way to ease into red??? xo

  17. great emergy and love the caption

  18. yummy texture...the close up really showed it...great pic!

  19. She is stunning; I love her lips and gorgeous eyes~ You did a great job on the challenge! I use to have red shoes...I want to go shop ;D

  20. I think you painted Queen Jen with hearts of red on her shoulders whispering in her ears "Be bold1! Be unafraid!."

  21. beautiful painting Jen!! love her little crown! and the shoes...i want them all! lol
    have a great weekend :)

  22. I love red, Jen, because it's just a darker shade of pink, right? I always light to see a bright little spot of red whether it's in my art or something to decorate a room. . .

  23. p.s. I loved your red girl :)

  24. I love this piece-I especially love the texture, the napkins you used for the background, and the big red hearts! :) I like how you share all your products you used, too! Have a great weekend! ~Scarlett

  25. I am one of those people who loves wearing red!! But I also wear a lot of black. In fact I wear more black than red but it is a colour that suits me very well, so why not?
    I have never been the sort of person who spend hours taking care of myself, but since last February, when I had to be in Hospital for almost a month and I saw myself in the most terrible of conditions I have changed my thinking.
    Now, I put make up and make sure my hair looks good every morning, and i make the most of what I've got, because I am still young and I want to feel good not just with my inner self, but with my looks.
    So go ahead and get those red shoes that you like, because when you are 70 they don't look as good as when you are half that age.

  26. Gorgeous piece! Can't wait to see what you do with purple!

  27. smiling! love the hearts and crown...all the red! happy happy!