Friday, December 16, 2011

Doodles, Flowers, and Painting

I have been wanting to doodle.
Just simple black pen on paper then watercolor or acrylic.
There is something very liberating about not using a pencil, right?  
(Thank you Elisa Choi for some pen only inspiration!)
Just picking up a pen and going for it.
So the other night I did just that...doodled.
Just a pen and so much fun.

Going crazy with the pen...

I loved doodling so much that I went from my journal 
to a small canvas (6x8) and added acrylic.

So, I have also gone from Christmas trees to bright, doodled flowers. :)
We'll see what inspiration pops up next.

(Blogger has given me SO much trouble tonight uploading these pictures! Arghhhh! 
I want to rip my hair out. Anyone else have Blogger problems?)

I am joining the arty parties at Paint Party Friday & Studio JRU.
Hope you have a wonderful LAST weekend before Christmas!!
(Holy Cow where did that time go?)


  1. CHOOSE HAPPY is beautiful and a great reminder for our lives.
    Happy PPF!
    Sheri Cook/HappyHorseStudio

  2. Doodling is very relaxating. You had a great time, I see. :))

  3. I agree--doodling is so relaxing, and when you let your mind go--it's interesting what comes out on the paper.
    Love the bright colors too.
    Hope you have a great Christmas!

  4. Sadie, this is sooo cool! I love your doodles so much! I can feel your energy in this and how creative and free you are with your pen. The result it vibrant! I love it!!!

  5. Your doodles are such fun!!!! I haven't had blogger issues, but firefox is testing my resolve to be a decent and kind human being.

  6. I love this piece. There is something freeing about doodling with a pen. Knowing you can't erase a misplaced line just allows you let go and plow ahead.

  7. I watched an interesting TED lecture about how doodling during meetings enhances your creativity - so you keep doodling girl :)

  8. I love doodle art. Makes people happy.
    Have a nice Christmas

  9. Hooray for Choose Happy!! Love that! Your doodles look amazing. Makes me want to get out my black pens. :)

    Happy PPF!

  10. and such a cute outcome! Trees to's all good!

  11. For me, Doodle is yoga for the mind.

  12. Love the doodles! Fun! Sorry about your blogger problems. I know how frustrating that can be... that is why I moved to wordpress. :) Hope it starts working better for you! Thanks for joining us 'in the studio' this week!

  13. happy indeed! how could I not be with that beautiful reminder!

  14. Love your doodling and you are right it is relaxing. Loving the colors as well. Great job. Happy Holidays!

  15. Hi Jen! I'm happy to see another form of art from your great talent. By the way, is your computer already fixed? Continue producing those beautiful artworks, with or without a computer, i know you an always make things happen :)

  16. Jen, these are awesome! I love them before color too! Your pen work is brilliant and the bold pops of color really jump off the page. Really, really pretty!!
    Thank you for your visit and I hope you have a very merry Christmas! xoxoxo

  17. Love your doodles, and yes, I agree, it's super relaxing and fun, not worrying about erasing and just going with the flow. Looking forward to more of your art in 2012. :)

    And yes, Blogger give me fits. I dont use it, but 9 times out of 10 I can't leave a comment or have trouble clicking over...very frustrating! Hope it smooths out soon. Glad it's working tonight so I could come over and visit.

    Happy Christmas!,

  18. I love to doodle and yours have turned out beautifully. I do like the idea of bypassing the pencil and therefore all the erasing that comes with it!