Friday, December 9, 2011

It crashed main home computer. I nearly had a meltdown. That computer holds every picture of my kids...every little video I have snapped during the day, my daughter's year at school, their births, past holidays. It has it all. I am fabulous at taking a gazillion pictures, but not the most diligent about printing them out or doing some kind of scrap booking (Are you a scrapper? How do you organize your pics?). I mean, of course I have some framed pictures, prints in a box, and stuff on my phone - but, it is not the same. My hubby is very computer savvy and we have an external hard drive that backs up regularly, but it wasn't working correctly. I could see on his face that he was getting a little worried...and he never really looks worried. (We are a good balance because I usually freak out...immediately. He is Mr. Cool, Calm, & Collected. lol)

After some tears (ok a lot), computer work by my very smart husband, and vows to start creating some digital scrapbooks, my pictures have been saved! But, needless to say I have not been able to blog or visit others much this week. I still can't work from that computer or access photos easily, so I thought I would share some things I am loving, obsessing over, and some that I hope end up under the tree for me. :) You might find something you like too!

I am loving this CD. I am a Buble fan and love his "old school" style. Gets me in a festive mood!

Source: via Tina on Pinterest

Frosted Willow on Etsy has so many delicate bracelets that I am swooning over. I love them.

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Boots, boots, boots! I want a pair in every color. :) Do you wear boots? 
Do you have some favorites?

I am loving all things white Christmas. I have too much red in my Christmas stash to create a real white wonderland in my house. BUT...I am looking forward to making some things myself and the after Christmas sales to stock up for next year. :)

Gingerbread houses!! We are having our annual Gingerbread decorating party with my BFFs & their kids tomorrow. It is one of my favorite things we do during Christmas. SO much fun! Ummm, and the adults get pretty serious about their decorating. LOL.

Simple, recycled, craft colored wrapping. Soooo many different
things I could do!

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Gray and turquoise together is my absolute favorite color 
combination right now. I just LOVE it!

I hope you had a fantastic week full of fun. I hoping to make some time this weekend to visit all my creative friends and see what you are up to. :)



  1. So so sorry about your crashed computer and photos. Ack. I do love love love this post, though, and all of your styling ideas! Ooh!

  2. Sorry to hear about your computer crashing. We have a separate server where I am to store all my things I want in case something like this happens but I always forget to save them there. I need to start doing it as one never knows when the computer will decide to do what it wants to do.
    I love the goodies you shared. I especially like the recycled wrapping!
    Have a great day and thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog.

  3. A lot of good ideas, what I love the most : gingerbread houses (I did not know that!)because it's not widespread in France. I'll try to do one this week with the children ;)

  4. Hi Jen! I hope everything is well now. :)Losing my files is one of my greatest fears too.

    Thank you for this great compilation. I would love to own that leaf bracelet too. So unique and elegant! And with regards to the boots, I actually live in a tropical country so boots is of no use here. hehehehe But you know, that's actually one of my greatest wish. To wear a trench coat, scarf and a pair of rocking sexy boots :)

    Enjoy the holidays with your family!

  5. this is my worst nightmare, I am so glad you managed to get your pictures back. thank goodness for computer savvy hubbys, lol!

    I loved seeing the cool items you showed, the new Michael Buble CD is on all the time at my house, and those boots are what I have been looking to buy, lol! but can't find yet.

    that pinterest site looks very interesting, this is the 3rd time I've come across it recently, and may have to check it out soon

    have a blessed day

  6. oh no! This happened to me just last month. It took my hubs a week of hard work, but pictures restored. (Our external crashed too!) I am happy it is all getting sorted out for you.

    and YES oh YES i wear boots. I only have one fav pair now, black, but I long for more and more. Maybe some green ones???

    Hope you're back soon!