Saturday, January 7, 2012

Journal Play with Traci Bautista

I love taking online courses. Don't you?
This last week I started a FREE (free!) class through Strathmore 
with Traci Bautista called Doodles Unleashed.
Holy Moly, I LOVE her style, color, and teaching.

After watching the videos for week 1, I decided to give it a try 
in my journal. My sweet journal that I was trying to finish in 2011. Hmmm, didn't happen. 
So, I made a little 2012 tab and added it to my book.
Now I have some pages ready to start the new year.

Traci started by using stencils and found objects to create a background. 
Perfect! I have been grabbing little odds and ends around my house and stashing them in a drawer to use. My collection has been growing day by day as I spot things that would work great in backgrounds...some items - 

kids foam stickers
play doh cookie cutters
left over game cut outs or pieces

Part of my stash
Here are some process pics for Traci's lesson.
I will admit that I adore her color...but, color - bold color - scares me a bit!

Laying things down before I spray (acrylic & water mixture)
This was left after punching pieces out for a Memory game.
Background before color
The scary color with my coffee. :)

This is where I stopped today. I have many layers to add.
I am excited to see where it goes. That's the fun part right!? 
A little art mystery. 

I am really looking forward to visiting all 
my bloggy friends (I haven't been able to stop by & comment the way I like to), 
Paint Party Friday, and In the Studio. It has been a couple weeks, 
so I am glad I get to join in!!

I also started Life Book (I LOVE Tam!) this week too- more on that later!!
Anyone else on this year long journey??



  1. I love your stash of goodies and your painted backgrounds!!

  2. I JUST looked this up a couple seconds ago! Seriously! I think I will have to join in!

    I think you know I am doing LifeBook. I need to add you on that site. I am not too active on her site though.

    Well, I love what you've done here. What fun to take all these random objects and layer! Fab!

  3. Love the background results!
    They're wonderful!!

    Happy New Year and
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  4. It's beautiful!!!! and not scary :-) I love the new color palettes you are using and your stash makes me want to play again, the kid at heart in me wakes up

  5. Beautiful indeed!!! What a good idea to use a fly swatter. Happy New Year to you!! :)))

  6. I love your work Sadie! Makes me want to join too but it is through invite only right?

  7. I've been having fun in her class too although I'm working on a canvas--but I'm not scared, because I know that I'm going to keep adding and adding--it's just a canvas--I don't know why this bothers me.
    Keep going--don't be afraid of the color--I love it!

  8. Wow so much fun,fun,fun you lucky girl! Great work! Deb

  9. Beautiful backgrounds, Jen!! this class looks loke so much fun. I should check it out.
    Happy New Year!!

  10. Ohh... I love your stash! I love finding new things for a great background. What was left from a Memory game looks fantastic! Makes me want to go on a house search for some goodies to use too! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  11. LOVE the goodies you use to create with and the pages are great!
    Wishing you a wonderful 2012!
    Sheri Cook/HappyHorseStudio

  12. such a wonderful idea for stamping and designs. looks wonderful!

  13. I confess I've never taken an online class...just don't have time in this phase of life, but hopefully some day! For now I'll enjoy seeing your art and what you share from your all the materials you that a fly-swatter?how cool!


  14. What a fun drawer! Today i went to the supermarket and started picking up all sorts of stuff with texture! This can be addicting! Looking forward to seeing your progress, classmate! A wonderfully blessed new year to you and your family! Patsy from

  15. Looks gorgeous, Sadie! :) I have yet to play ala Traci's style. :)

  16. Thank you for you comment on my painting. I love your 2012 journal beginnings. What I really loved was reading about your 40th year and what you learned. I am 54 and it seems all my REAL learning began in my 40's and continues to this day.....

  17. HI Sadie...beautiful post..full of magic..and creative bliss..shine on!Always wonderful visiting your inspiring realm!

  18. What a fun class, I'll be checking that out! And I love what you've done with your background so far. It was fun to see your process(and VERY inspiring--I wanna paint now).
    Catherine Denton

  19. Love the results in your sketch book ~ very creative ~ thanks, namaste, carol (Share the Creative Journey)

  20. Oh...your backgrounds are full of life! Isn`t it fun to play and let go and let the paint lead... I met Traci last year and she is even sweeter in person! Such a generous heart and kind listening ear. SO glad you are enjoying the course. Good luck with all of your creative projects. Wishing you all the best in 2012! ♥ xo

  21. Looks like you had a lot of fun "playing" with all the different items to add textures. Happy PPF!

  22. Lovely pages and what a fascinating set of tools you use!

  23. Love these pages + ideas Jen..making journal pages is just soo amazing...isn't it?? I soooo want to take a photog. class with Vivienne time right now..but yes, LOVE e-courses too:) You sweet are just gowing (from your last post pics)...happy happy New Year xxx

  24. oops Jen-I are just GLOWING!!! It's 2:20 a.m over here:)xxx

  25. Okay, I have the funniest girlie story for you: I took a class a year or so ago in person with Tracy. She is Awesome! AND so sweet AND so pretty! Well, the class was great (sounds like what you are doing now, which I l LOVE btw) but the whole class all I could think about is how fabulous her pants were! Not kidding. She had the coolest, "arty" clothes and I was in love . . . .cut to last week, a year plus later and I found a pair of those pants! Didn't care how much they cost, I had to have them. I did, and now I feel like an "artier" version of me.
    Because of her. So that's my story.
    LOVE the memory game idea and all your stash too - do not fear the bold! You know I love it! xoxoxo

  26. I also took the class of Tracy. Right now, for the work of layering, I watch the videos of Christy Tomlinson.
    I will show you the results soon!!

  27. I love your style and your art. Great!!!