Thursday, January 26, 2012

Love is in the Air

I love Valentine's Day.
I think it is super fun to celebrate love.
Of course, I celebrate the loves in my life all year long.
But, it sure is fun to focus on them more intensely for a bit. :) 
So, with February right around the corner  
(come on time...slow down a bit...pretty please!)
there are many fabulous ideas floating around out there.

I thought I would share a few cutie things I found and
pinned to my board on Pinterest. 
I have to make something. I vow to make something.
I promised myself I can not just pin things &
not do anything with the ideas or inspiration.
I can not be a pinner (is that a word) & not a doer.
(That word makes me laugh. In high school my BFFs & I used "pinner" for skinniness. LOL. 
For example, "Like, OMG that outfit makes you look so pinner." 
You know, little like a pin and I went to school in the late 80s - everything started with "like.")

Let the heart fest begin....


Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Do you like to craft or decorate for Valentine's Day??
Let me know if you are a Pinner too, so I can add you to my list 
and feed my addiction! :)



  1. Hi Jen! I love the frame hearts and the heart shaped fruit slices.

    I hope you have a craft for Valentine's Day. I would of course loooove to see it :)

    And thanks for sharing that "pinner " story too :)

  2. Wow Jen..some beautiful valentine inspiration you have found on Pinterest...
    I have resisted the urge to join Pinterest, because I know I will be spending even more time on the 'puter pinning rather than doing LOL!! ...but I am very tempted!! ;)
    Mmmmm...I will most probably make hubby a Valentines card...can't wait to see what you create!...
    Jan x

  3. I know what you mean--Pinterest is a bit addictive--I stay away from it
    But these photos are so fun--love the edible ones--especially those pretzels!

  4. I have a Pinterest but I don't do anything on it. I am scared of getting addicted!

    I am making something tonight. I am doing some heart with styrofoam on boards, like I did the ice cream. I am loving it and hope they turn out well! I will share soon!!!

  5. Seriously, I have to set a timer when I get on Pinterest, haha!..there are just so many amazing things and these you shared, love the melon hearts! My kids would love those! We do the whole she-bang, decorate and all that, we love it too :)


  6. Gorgeous post! I love pinterest too.... and spend way way too much time there!

  7. Pinterest is such a lovely reminder of all the things to inspire us in the world. This is s lovely collectioon.

  8. I love the paper heart mobiles!! Hey Jen, I was recently awarded a Liebster Blog award for great blogs that don't have the following they deserve, and one of the rules is to choose my own 5 blogs to receive the award. You are one of my choices. Pop over to my blog to check it out and choose your own followers if you like!