Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Obsessed with the Little Ones

Are you thinking that I am talking about my little ones?
I am totally obsessed with these two darling faces...

But, I am really talking about these little heart breakers.

Many of my lovely bloggy friends said that mini canvases had chocolate...
or let's say a crack-like effect.

It's true. Maybe it's their itty bitty cuteness or the ease of finishing them due to the size. All I know is that I am smitten. :) I am putting each one in my shop in hopes of spreading love and raising money for Love146. (I am writing more about that tomorrow.)

Other things on my obsession (To Do) list...
  • Journal pages - working on finishing my current art journal so I can dive into the Visual Journal my hubby got me for Christmas. Any one have this journal? Thoughts?
  • Catching up in Life Book - I know, a month in & I am "behind." (No worries - I have a year to catch up!)
  • Working on some larger pieces for family
  • More blog sprucing and shop cleaning
  • Birthday party planning (Both kiddies have birthdays coming!)
  • Photo editing & organizing - What an undertaking!
  • My son's Potty Training. Need I say more? Pray for patience! ;)
Journal page in the works
 What are your latest obsessions??


  1. Awww, such sweeties! We are a bit obsessed with the minis over at our place, too! :) Love your bright colors and mixed-media minis, bet they'll sell quick!


  2. Hi Jen! This is I think the first time I've seen a close up picture of your two sweeties. So timely because they are having their birthdays soon. And those mini canvasses are more than cute. I believe they require more effort, creativity and patience to make. Your works never fail to brighten up my busy day. Thank you and enjoy your the preparations :)

  3. Life is sweet for you--surrounded by all good things!!
    Your kids are wonderful--but don't envy you with the potty training...

  4. I love your mini's, too, Jen! I have worked with 4 x 4's and I love that size :) Praying for potty training patience!

  5. Love them!!!...I've been painting ACEO's for 4 years so I know how easy it is to fall in love with working small =)

  6. So gorgeous!! I love them all - you have inspired me to buy some tiny canvases when I am back in the groove. :)

  7. Hi Jen! your babies are adorable :))
    What a joy coming to visit your blog! it's so full of colour and inspiration! I'm loving your tiny canvases!!

  8. HOw cute. I haven't gone mini yet, but I eye those itty bitty canvases all the time!!! I love yours! And happy potty training! I guess we both have same age youngsters!