Friday, February 10, 2012

Things I LOVE #1

It's the month of love. There are hearts everywhere. I get to celebrate my anniversary this weekend. Big time LOVE fest going on. So, I thought it would be fun to start a little weekly series of sharing things I love. It will be totally random...big things, little things - maybe even silly things. Just a few things that make me smile...and maybe you too! :)

My Hunk

It's my anniversary Monday (8 years). So, I have to start with him! Plus, he just surprised me with Cirque du Soleil OVO tickets. Swoon!

Peas and Thank You

If you love healthy vegetarian or vegan cooking - this blog and cookbook are great! I got her cookbook for my birthday, and I have been trying many of her yummy recipes. She is adorably funny too!

La Croix Sparkling Water

I used to be a big Diet Coke drinker. My Hunk too. (I think that is all he ever drank. Well, that and coffee.) When I was pregnant with my son I stopped drinking Diet Coke. I really needed something bubbly. I tried lots of different brands - but, nothing was as tasty as La Croix. I have now converted my Hubby, my mom, and my BFF. SO much better than the Diet stuff!

Jane Austen

Source: via Alice on Pinterest

She is my absolute favorite author. I adore her books. I am reading Pride and Prejudice again right now. Oh, and the movies. My favorite movies too. I know movies tend to stray from the books most often. BUT, there is nothing...nothing...better than Mr. Darcy walking across that misty field, night coat (is that what it is called) flapping in the early morning wind towards Elizabeth. :)

Third Day

The lead singer Mac Powell has one of my all time favorite voices. Seriously. I have seen them so many times in concert and they sound amazing! LOVE! This video is about adoption, which has always tugged strongly at my heart. A most amazing gift of love for all involved!

For now, that is it! This Blogger is driving me crazy. It would be on my anti-love list today! :) 
Hope you are finding things to love!
Happy Friday!!!


  1. Great 'love' list Jen...It's always good to focus on the positive things in our daily lives to bring a smile to our faces!...I love Pride & Prejudice too! ;)
    Happy Anniversary (for Monday)..
    Jan x

  2. Hi Jen! I watched the video and I was moved with the music. Thanks for sharing.

    8 years of being together!!! Happy Anniversary. Enjoy your date and I am wishing you more years of happiness and togetherness. I wish I'll find my own prince too hehehe

    Happy Weekend

  3. Happy anniversary! Love your Love Post! Hugs, kathy

  4. Love your loves--and Happy Anniversary to you!

  5. We have many of the same 'loves', and yep, Darcy in the whatever it's called coat (lol) is worth it every time...I've always wanted to take a pic. of me and my 'hunk" , lol, right in front of a sunrise like that P and P scene of Eliz. and romantic! Thanks for sharing these lovely things~Scarlett

  6. I've missed so much! And I'm not sure if this post was for me? lol! I LOVE those things too - and your family is absolutely beautiful. So happy to know you and I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's day & HAPPY Happy Anniversary!!
    Oh, and YES!! I love that idea - 3 girls, 3 journals . . . but at least you would have known what you were getting yourself into, lol. I slaved for days on end ;) xoxoxo

  7. oh Mr. Darcy. Swoon! I am a massive lover of all P&P! and ok, I am still a DC drinker and I am down to a couple but I can't stop. My head hurts so bad and I turn into a witch! I will go try this water though! yay. and any tips for stopping. and oh that're so lucky! and is your hubs vegan too? I love to know all!