Monday, February 27, 2012

Time Out

Oh Heavens. It has been too long.
I had to put myself on an electronic Time Out.
Yep. For about a week & a half, I tuned out & logged off.
No blogging, no blog hopping, no getting lost in the web of links, very limited FB, no Pinterest, no hunting for projects or inspiration. Just living...
& planning two birthday parties.
(Which I love to do. If I were to have another career it would be party planning. I secretly dream of spending a day with  Amy Atlas. Yikes. Have you seen her desert tables? Dreamy!)

I have one party down, and one to go. I am really excited about the next one. My daughter wanted a Pajama & Pancake party, so we are gearing up for a 
house full of little girls and girly fun.

I have had some time to get creative this last week...painting, journaling, decorating, & crafting. 
Look at this super cute jute wrapped letter R. 
So cheap & easy. It is just a wooden $1.99 letter from Micheals 
wrapped in jute. Love it!

I also have this waiting on my very clean studio table. 
Believe me, it never stays this clean. We had company. :)

I started this background for Mystele's lesson for Life Book
I love the way she teaches & her playful, whimsical style. 
She has a fantastic YouTube channel
If you haven't visited need to. :)

Not the best picture. Sorry about that!
I am looking forward to catching up on some blogs and 
keeping the creative juices flowing.
Happy Monday!


  1. Happy Monday too Jen! Though I am sending this greeting in land where it is already Tuesday. LOL

    I missed your posts and I can't wait to see and read how the two birthday parties went. Please blog about it and the artistic details. please :) One of your fans here are dying to see your creativity. :)

  2. Hello, Jen! Your unplugged time sounds so nice :) And I love your wrapped letter. The pajama and pancake party sounds fun. I am thinking it would be fun for big girls, too (meaning mamas :)

  3. Love the letter, you make it look easy as with the party planning!

  4. oh good for you for taking a timeout! I struggle with that!

    Now that R is adorable, and I love seeing your table! go carve some cardboard! :)

  5. That sounds like such a great idea... unplugging. I think we all need that from time to time! Just living. Love it! Love the wrapped letter! :)

  6. How fun! party planning is so worth it when the time comes, everyone always appreciates a well planned event and yours sounds wonderful! Hope to see more pics soon :) And that 'R' looks awesome!!