Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Floating in a Sea of Inspiration...

That is exactly what I feel like.
(So much inspiration.)
I have so many things running around in my head... but, sometimes nothing gets to canvas.
Today was not one of those days.

Still super inspired by Traci, having a total art crush on Flora, and watching some awesome videos of Donna - I really wanted to get into my paints to play.

I started with 2 small 5x7 canvases, put on some music, and swirled away with my acrylics. 
I focused on a few different colors for each piece.

Then grabbed some black and made some designs.

Fun finger painting came next. It is amazing how freeing using fingers can be!  I was using Americana craft paints, which I love. But, they dry very quickly so I imagine professional paint like Golden would have worked better.

Here is the first canvas. I HAD to add white pen here & there because I am obsessed with it. :)
It is still a work in progress, and I am thinking about which words I want to paint onto it.

The second canvas also needs a little more work and some words.
Hmmm...what should I write?

All I know for sure is my creative mojo was flying today. 
I also finished a journal page, prepped another, and worked on a Life Book lesson. I was also lucky that my son was enjoying his time in the studio too so mommy could get messy! Lol. I can't wait to make more like this. I think some 16x20 canvases are calling my name. :)

What is inspiring your creative juices today?


  1. Awesome Jen!! I was watching Donna's videos, and she really inspired me to get a BIG canvas--I've never worked on one before--but watching her--it looked like so much fun!
    I love yours...

  2. Love your paintings!!! I've been feeling the same way lately--super inspired, super productive, having tons of fun--but I'm afraid to say that too loudly and jinx it... ;)

  3. Such beautiful pieces Jen! You go girl.

  4. Such beautiful pieces Jen! You go girl.

  5. I'm sooo loving all this new work, Jen. The colours, the design, everything!!

  6. Time! lol. You know how it is - I get to paint today! I am loving all the color (naturally ;) and freedom here - I can totally picture you both happily creating away in there . . . have you tried a retarder medium for your craft paints? I used to use the craft paints, then got into golden, but really prefer the ease and matte quality (and price!) of the cheapies better sometimes. But a medium to make them dry slower is good. I am LOVING the new Martha Stewart craft paints - and you can't get a good pink with golden . . . right?
    Hmm . . . I forgot my grapefruit soda on my Target run this week so I went back the next day as I now can't live without it . . .xoxoox

  7. Jen!!! I haven't been over here in so long and...I can totally see a "sea of inspiration"!!! I love your painting...the colors just sing + leap off the computer sceen right into me!!! I LOVE it!!! I can't wait for Flora's book to come out...have to get my hands on it!! I hope you are doing well and I so regret us not hooking up when I was in Ca.!!! xxx

  8. Hello you! These are so fun to make. Your's turned out fab! Great colors! So happy!

  9. oh, so I have been making my own versions of these lately...a post this week coming...and I just wanted to share that I mix both cheap craft paint and nice paint. And...Flora is so amazing! Oh my... She is seriously the best of the best in my opinion!

  10. oh my gosh, I didn't finish. So I wanted to tell you I have been using white out pens for my white writing and doodling on top of paint Works over everything!