Friday, March 16, 2012

On the Table...

Yesterday I started a large (for me) 16x20 canvas.
Sometimes it takes me forever to finish a small 5x7,
but I was determined to get this one close to completion. 
I was very fortunate to have a couple hours all to myself!
So naturally I put on some good music, grabbed some coffee (seems to be my creative companion),
and painted like a mad woman. :)

I used the same process as I did before here.

I am having fun experimenting and finding my way down this creative branch.
I was only using acrylics, so I actually felt like I was missing
book pages, paper, stencils, and stamps.
Next time I think I will try and incorporate them into the background.
I still hand yummy "painty" (yes, totally made up word) fingers.

So here she sits now. Very bright colors for me. But, I just went with it. 
Both my in house art expert (Hubby) and I think it needs 
more layers of paint, mainly in the yellow & orange areas. 

I am looking forward to working on it and adding words. 
(Of course. Lol. I always feel like it needs words!)
I am also looking forward to joining Paint Party Friday
Sneak Peek Friday this week. 

ALSO...please, please, please (yes, this is me begging - pretty please!)
come back Sunday for my 
100th post!! 
I will be having my first giveaway and 
I would love for you to join in the celebration!!

Until then have a beautiful, inspired weekend.


  1. It's fun seeing the steps of your process. I love your colors so far. It looks great!

  2. I think it looks amazing! Love all those bright colors and the composition, Love it!!

  3. This looks great without any extra work me thinks, but I can see what you mean, either way your work is always gorgeous!! Congratulations on your 100th post, super big smiles :) xx

  4. What fun art and looks like you are having fun being IN it! Enjoy!!!! Congrats on reaching your 100th post. ;-)

  5. I love the colors--it's beautiful! Happy PPF to you :)

  6. Your process is wonderful and your results are stunning! :)
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  7. I am your newest blog follower, too, and look forward to your Sunday blog post! Happy 100th!

  8. How fabulous! I like seeing the steps, and the way the underlayers just show through in your final painting. Happy PPF! Helen @ Natures Walk

  9. I love this,it looks like such wonderful artistic fun! The process is cool, but I thought it was super cool before the last step, too! yay for 100 posts! :)

  10. So colorful and happy!! Love it!

  11. Such lively and vibrant colors. Wonderful to look at!

  12. Radiant colors, looks happy and fabulous! <3

  13. It is beautiful... happy and beautiful! Love seeing through the steps how it changes! Congrats on 100 posts! I will come back tomorrow! :)

  14. These are such happy, happy pieces - sort of like some I have been working on. Just looks like lots of fun putting down those colors. I love layers, so I can see the temptation to keep adding. I think it looks great now, but layers never hurt, right?! Happy PPF!

  15. JEN! This is brilliant! So full of beautiful bold life and color! Can't wait to see it's final conclusion - and okay, I'll be back later today! xoxo

  16. Love all the colors and it's good to step away for a bit and get a different view. I'm going through the same things in the class I'm taking with Flora Bowley...afraid to add more paint and ruin what I'm working on...but I'm pushing myself and being brave. Just trying to remember to enjoy the process and the journey ;}

  17. Love this! Wow, it's just total painty happiness.

  18. Love the finished painting! And so interesting to see the evolution.

  19. This is a great painting! I really enjoyed seeing your layers of work. Love the colors you've chosen.

    Can't wait to see what words you add to it.


  20. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I too like to have Music and caffine to get going on a painting. :) Lovely colors you used here. Fun piece.

  21. I love your creative process Sadie
    the result is beautiful and I'm sure the end result is pretty
    my new blog :

  22. hello,
    your art is lovely and cheerful, a joy to see.

  23. I love seeing the start to finish and those painty fingers! Lovely work.