Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Little Life Book

I really enjoyed Tam's lesson this week for Life Book.

We worked on front facing portraits, adding texture with modeling paste, and honoring our past. I found this quote by Ralph Blum that I really like...
"The obstacles of your past can become the gateways that lead to new beginnings."

9x12 Mixed Media on watercolor paper
I like the way she turned out. But, I wish her expression didn't look quite so sad or worried. Does she look worried? I sometimes tend to be a "worrier." How interesting that it crept right into this painting. :)

It's funny. Each week I watch all the videos, but have yet to 
complete all the lessons. (Totally embracing my slow pace)
With this one...I jumped right in! 
My daughter, a little budding artist, watched Tam with me 
and drew with me.
I LOVE that!
Working with her reminds me to have eyes like a child. She adored her own work and was very proud of it. She kept making comments like, 
"Mommy, look at this nose. It looks real!"
"Mommy, this is soooo good."
"Mommy I think she needs big pink cheeks!"...and plopped them 
down with bold confidence. :)

I think I need to remember that fearless little girl I once was and 
embrace my inner child! :)

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  1. Loving your beautiful artwork. Happy PPF and have a blessed Easter, Annette x

  2. She's beautiful and such a lovely quote to go with your art. Funny you mentioned about looking worried, I noticed her eyes straight away and thought how sad and beautiful they look. Yes, she does look a little worried but I wouldn't change that at all - her eyes are stunning!

  3. She's very pretty and I love the added texture

  4. She's beautiful--the whole journal page is!!
    ....and I'm still Sooooo happy from my package that came in the mail the other day--I hope you got my email---if you didn't--Thank You again!!!

  5. such a great quote and I like that she looks thoughtful... I think it suits the feel of it... lovely work... hope you have a happy and safe Easter ...xx

  6. Hi Jen! You are really enjoying learning :) Great for you and your kid who is beginning to show interest. I don't think she is worried. What I felt was her eyes reflects deep meaning.

  7. Great post, your daughter provided us all with some wonderful lessons in believing in ourselves and being our own cheer leaders.

  8. I really need to find the time to watch this weeks lessons. This looks fantastic! :) Happy Easter! :)

  9. She's beautiful! When I saw her expression (and I don't know if it's sad but it's almost speaking to us from her I adore her!)...just beautiful!

    How do I get into this little project with the videos and lessons? Sounds like I could benefit from this.

    PS - Cute that your little girl is so involved (and encouraging) with your work. :)

  10. She is adorable and very colorful, textured and creative ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  11. A lovely painting with a great quote! You should have shown your daughter's work too - it sounds adorable!

  12. Beautiful work, and lovely quote. This sounds like a great workshop.

  13. Beautiful work! I love the texture. I'd love to see your daughter's painting too. She sounds so sweet.

  14. Lovely luminous work! <3 Great post, too! Happy PPF!

  15. Gorgeous portrait and quote!
    Love the layers and textures in this!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  16. beautiful! Love this and the quote you used. Happy PPF!

  17. Beautiful painting!! i think she looks thoughtful. And humbled. :-) Lovely story re: your daughter. Too precious...Happy PPF! xoxo

  18. Wow, this is so sweet and I love how your daughter joined in! The quote is perfect! What a wonderful post!

  19. What a great time to have with your daughter! I think your painting is great. So she looks a little worried, we all need a worrier in our lives, it makes us feel more fearless.

  20. She is sweet and elegant. I read her expression as slightly concerned, may be a tiny bit cautious, measuring the situation.

  21. Your painting is gorgeous Jen... am loving Life Book too... fab quote... and love that we learn from our children... wonderful post...

    Jenny x

  22. Ohh, I love her!! I am about to watch that video now, how funny! Thank you for the added and beautiful inspiration ;) xoxo

  23. She's beautiful, Jen! and I love the quote. You are so right when you say that our paintings reflect ourselves..

  24. Your girl is absolutely gorgeous!!! Great work!