Monday, April 2, 2012

Mind. Body. Soul - Believe

I have really loved art journaling lately. Like I have said before, it is such a wonderful place to play, experiment, get all the "icky" out, celebrate, and relax. The great thing too is there are so many wonderful places to share the art journaling journey too.

Today I am sharing the first page I did for Leslie's Mind. Body. Soul. free e-course. (It is also the first page in my new Strathmore Visual Journal and I am way impressed!) Each week there is a word to focus on and lots of other words of wisdom. I am "behind", but I have learned that I tend to work at a slower pace in all my courses & challenges. I am OK with that! I have a plan. :) 
I will catch up!

This journal is pretty big. It is 9x12, which I really enjoyed working in! I wasn't sure if I would. For me, this journal is a lot better than the Canson XL that I used before. That journal was spiral too, but it was perforated to make it easier to rip out. However, if you want the page to stay put all the wet media caused several pages to come apart. 
I just used tape to reinforce it. 
I like that I don't have to do that in this one. :)

I am off to go work on the next week - REACH!
Here it is intensified and Instagram-ed!

 Yes! You!


  1. Oh, I love your page. I'm following along with Leslie too. I started my first journal page yesterday. It's on my word for 2012 - blossom. I need to get it done and put it up on my blog -- maybe this weekend.

    Yes! You've inspired me.


  2. Three words, yet a powerful reminder to all of us. Whenever I look at your journals, I am really encouraged to venture in this field of art. Few more beautiful art works from you and I might finally consider venturing to my own journal :)

  3. Wonderful journal page, important message too.

  4. I have a 9x12, too, I like the larger size as well. Love to see your artwork on these pages, it's wonderful to see your creativity unleashed and free. :)