Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's a Good Day

Yes, yes it is!
How is your day going??

Today we are celebrating this handsome guy...

My Hubby is turning 40 today!!

Happy Birthday Babe! You are my best friend, supporter, best Daddy around, coffee companion, comedian who keeps us in stitches, bug catcher, crazy dancer, schedule maker, hand holder, family medic, king snuggler, expert of all things, and we are so lucky that God gave us you. 
We hope you know how special you are!

In other news...
I also just found out that I won a prize in Michelle Allen's 
giveaway at Close 2 My Art. Um, I feel like it is my birthday! I adore her art and you must check out her online store if you haven't already! 
So many adorable, fun things! LOVE!

I also have managed a little art and this sweet thing is waiting for me. :)

 I am currently crushing on yellow and want to use it everywhere!
What is your color crush right now??


  1. What a gorgeous, gorgeous family you all are!!

    And, yes.... Winning a giveaway is like a birthday!!! ;) ;)

  2. Hi Jen! Happy Birthday to your hubby. You both are blessings to each other.

    My color crush has always been blue, yellow and green or any pastel shades.

  3. Awe, WHAT a gorgeous family! I love love love that shot of the kids at the end - such beautiful babies!!
    Happy Hubby birthday and fabulous yellow WIP!
    I'm doing another yellow based piece today ;) BUT my color crush is always bright, robin's egg blue . . . xoxoo

  4. hello you, and happy 40th to your hubs, the bug man! Gorgeous shot of your babes!!!

  5. Thank you for your sweet message! You made my day, xoxo