Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Flowers

I am loving flowers...
quirky, non-realistic, whimsical flowers.

Maybe I am influenced by spring, or the beginning of May, 
(Um, hello. Where in the world did April run off to?)
or the planting we are doing around the house,
or just the ease of doodling flowers.

I am not sure, but I like how they are popping up everywhere.

Instagram - WIP
  I found this inexpensive wooden canvas at Michaels.

The start...laying down pretty paper & color!
 I really prefer working on wood rather than canvas.
But I don't like having to add all the business to wood for hanging.
I think this is really meant as a tray type thing. (Like my technical language, lol)
I love the size and that it is ready to hang.
I don't have to add a hanger and it does not have a hefty price tag. :)

Into the shop it goes!
I hope you are having a happy Monday & first day of May!
(You can always find me snapping away on Instagram @sadieinspired)


  1. I love doodling. I bought a small journal that fits in my purse so I can whip it out and draw whenever the mood strikes. My nickname was Doodle in high school......


  2. This is brilliant! Of course I love all the bold color and whimsy - and agree with your techno talk! I totally get it - just found a piece of wood at my Mom's yesterday - I have never really worked on it - but am now inspired to try!
    Thank you too for your sweet comments - oh! And I pinned this! Check me out! NOW who's all technical, lol! xoxo

  3. Gorgeous Jen... love your beautiful whimsical flowers and pretty colors... and the wooden tray is fab...

    Jenny x

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Loving everything about all of this! Beautiful!

  5. Oh Jen...your whimsey flowers are so bright and beautiful...just what I needed to see!...It's been rather wet,dull and dreary here in the UK...so your lovely painting has brightened my day!!
    Jan x

  6. I love the idea of a wooden canvas, Jen! and your flowers are so whimsical and happy!!
    love all your art :))

  7. This is gorgeous! Love the bright colours and whimsy. I love whimsical flowers! And yeah, totally get your techno talk...it's right at my level!

  8. ...my favorite style of art--love it!!

  9. These colors! Love these bright and happy flowers, and I know what you mean about not having to add a hanger...I really like wood like this, too, but haven't seen any in my local craft store. I need to find some, I love this!

  10. Love! Love! Love your works Jen. Incidentally, we consider May as the month of flowers in my country.