Saturday, May 26, 2012

Before and After

I love seeing Before & Afters...don't you?
It is so interesting to see a  fabulous transformation.
In my head, I am picturing those makeover shows
that take someone from drab to fab.  
Better yet - shows on HGTV...where they redecorate or reorganize a room. LOVE! 
Oh MY gosh - have you seen some of the retouched Photoshop pictures of models or celebrities for magazines. Yikes! Every young girl (and guy!) should see what the "reality" really is. The sad part is that they take already stunning women and create these crazy perfected images. Now don't get me wrong - I love a good photo filter, but magazines are getting a bit nuts! 
Google it! It made me feel better. :)

Sometimes when I am working on a journal page or canvas I like the "Before" (pencil sketch) so much that I am afraid that I will mess it all up. I am afraid that once I add color and pizzazz to it, I will not like it as much. But, I have to believe that when interior designers or stylists are revamping their subjects they are not saying, "I am going to make this worse." If they are...just like just work through it. Throw caution to the wind and PAINT. Pick up that brush (or pen, or make up brush, or scissors, or whatever!) and GO! 

Face #23
Before & After

I really, really liked my sketches for my next two faces. Even though I had a wee bit of fear...I went for it. I am still working on them, but love how they are turning out. You can see that I am inspired by an orange and pink color palette right now.

Face #24
Before & After

Only 5 more faces to complete for my 29 Faces in May Challenge! I am pretty proud of myself for keeping up with it. I usually have a hard time keeping up...Life Book, Project Life, Laundry, Organizing the Pantry, etc. - I am coming for you! ;)~

I hope you are having a beautiful weekend. 
I am off to a birthday party and then some relaxing, movie time with my handsome Hubby. 
I am pretty lucky - He loves me "before" and "after" with no retouching! :)

Joining Sneak Peek Friday & Paint Party Friday on Saturday. See...hard time keeping up!
Happy Creating,


  1. Great, beautiful faces! I love your sketches before...and the afters! It always is fun to see the process... Have a great holiday weekend!

  2. Love, love, love your faces! What a beautiful palette of orange and pink! It is fun to see your before and afters. Oh my goodness... some of the 'retouching' for those magazines is just crazy. Most of the time they look better before the photoshop job!

  3. the before and after thing used to drive me crazy so now I usually work straight in pen and then I have to live with the mistakes and imperfections.... I actually like your faces in both forms... the tonal work in the pencil is really appealing but your colour is also great .... I think they all work...xx

  4. Beautiful faces Jen... and wonderful to see the before and after... gorgeous color palette too... and great comparison... finishing a face to finishing a room... I like that... hope you enjoyed the party and the movie...

    Jenny x

  5. Loving the before and after shots and loving your beautiful ladies. Happy PPF, Annette x

  6. Very lovely, awesome to see the before & afters enjoy your party & weekend with your (sounds to good to be true lol) hubby hehe much love xx

  7. I love your art, I see you are a member of willowing, I have just started her fabulous faces workshop, and am loving it. Your faces are stunning.

  8. Your post is wonderful..i love that your hobby loves you before and after...mine paintings are marvelous and definitely after is wonderful...colour gave them character....great

  9. I love your faces and I'm so much like you in that I REALLY have to think about it long and hard before I color or paint over a sketch. The key is to go light (when using colored pencils) and darken as you see fit to bring it to life and have more of that 3D effect.

    You have great talent! Can't wait to see more of your faces and next time that challenge (29 faces) comes around, I'm sooo there. :)

  10. great to visit you and see all your wonderful faces :)