Wednesday, May 9, 2012

29 Faces #5 - 8

This will be a quick 29 Faces catch up post. 
It needs to be quick - I have dinner on the stove and kids nipping at my heels. A mother's work is never done! :)

I created all these faces in my new favorite - the Strathmore Visual Journal.
This one is small - @5 x 7. 
I didn't think I'd like that size very much for portraits.
But I do!

Face #5

Face #6

Face #7

Face #8

 When I decided to start this May challenge, I promised myself that I would post the faces even if I didn't like them...even if eyes are lopsided and they look crazy. I want to make sure I focus on learning, growth, and the journey - NOT making things perfect. That can be a real challenge for this self proclaimed perfectionist. :)

Happy Creating!!


  1. Another great variety of faces--just a great way to learn.

    I have that same journal that I've been making faces in too! I started in January, and I've only filled about 7 pages--slowly but surely--but I really enjoy it!

  2. Oh yes, I know the feeling... You're doing great though, my absolute favorite is face #2

  3. You have some great faces. I really like #3 but they are all beautiful. Thanks for sharing.