Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Painting Dolls and Life Book

This weeks lesson for my Life Book class is from artist Adriana Almanza. She creates big eyed, luscious lashed dolls...very whimsical and very cute. As I watched this week's video lesson, I grabbed my little portrait journal (getting close to finishing) and sketched along with her. The Life Book lessons that I have been doing (so many to work on still...yikes!) have been completed on 9x12 paper. But, I thought I'd create something small and add a portrait inspired by Adriana to my collection of faces.

 Here is my sketch, shared on Instagram.

Love her. :) 
I was super excited to have my package from Kristin arrive Saturday too! I knew I wanted to use these colors. I had never used Liquid Pearls or Stickles before, so I was dying to try them.
Have you used them? 

I had fun adding color to her.

 Adriana usually paints huge, black lashes on her girls. I decided to keep the lashes smaller and not as dark. I did stick some Liquid Pearls on the end of each lash. I painted over the green wings and her purple dress with it too. It is so pretty, but hard for the camera to catch (especially with these iPhone pics!). The colors are so iridescent and shiny. I added Stickles to her eyelids and headband. I LOVE how fine the glitter is when you apply it with a paintbrush. So fun! 

 You can kinda see the sparkle in this picture. I will definitely use them more and now have some new products to obsess over. :) Thank you Kristin




  1. She's a beauty!! I love how many pic's you've shared of your process! Love, LOVE the colors you've used and the stickles : )

  2. She's just so gorgeous! Loving the process shots too.:)

  3. LOVE your doll! and thank you for sharing the art supplies you worked with, i never saw the liquid pearls or sticles before (well i live in germany) and i would love to try them, they look delicious! and i am an art supplies junky! LOL