Tuesday, August 28, 2012

She Believed in Herself...

I love "she" statements. She believes, she hopes, she dreams, she can...and the list goes on. Especially on days when you feel a bit overwhelmed, your list of "To Dos" is beyond ridiculous, you've got a wicked case of the blahs, and you're feeling pretty small... a "she" proclamation can feel pretty good.

Today's phrase comes from some left over goodies collected from The Brave Girls Club - Soul Restoration class I took awhile back. I love these words. She believed in herself anyway. That word anyway is so important, isn't it? It could read simply...She believed in herself. Positive. Affirming. Fabulous. But...when you add the anyway, it takes on a whole new meaning, right!? Despite the circumstances...the mountains to climb...or the feelings...or the negative stuff that may be floating around - she believed in herself, anyway!

So no matter how your day is going...believe. 
That's right. Go on. Go conquer the world! :)


  1. Oh, I do love that : She believed in herself anyway". So even though we are not perfect...we can. Beautiful art! I love this. Have a wonderful Wednesday! I am off to my classroom, and lots more meetings...

  2. Hi, Sadie!! Why don't I have your blog on my blogroll?? It is soooo up my alley!!:)

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and your kind comment. I took the firstSoul Restoration class and fell in love with all things BRAVE!!!

    Have a wonderful day and I enjoy your work:)