Saturday, August 11, 2012

Recycled Trash Canvas

 I guess that is kinda a funny title...but, I am going to go with it. Last week I was opening a package, getting ready to toss the cardboard into our recycle bin, when I caught myself. One of the pieces would make a perfect little recycled canvas. (It is amazing how much "stuff" companies use to package their things...especially children's toys. Yikes! It can take hours to free a Barbie.)

I find that "trash" is freeing to paint on. Lol. It is not a canvas I bought, so playing with what I create on it comes much more naturally. :)

I am finding myself really drawn to aqua (of course, not a shocker there), oranges, yellows, and pinks together. It is such a pretty color combo. So, I decided that I would work with that color palette and whimsy little abstract flowers.

I used acrylic paint, pen, and my fingers. I am not sure if I am finished yet. Sometimes I struggle with knowing when to stop. Does that happen to you? 

For now it is hanging on my studio wall, which is much better than the recycle bin. Yes!

Do you have any recycling projects in the works lately?
DO tell! :)

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  1. I love it !!! The colors are fab and the fact that up-cycled is great:o) I am always using trash for my art. Recently I was lucky enough to get a bucket full of laminant samples at work. I've been playing with them and it is so fun. My grandkids tied a couple to there book bags and loved them :0)

  2. What a great idea! I'm going to try that - to be less concerned with the outcome because it's 'only' cardboard sounds very freeing!

  3. I do love the aqua and your abstract whimsical flowers!!

    I know what you mean about stopping on a painting...I once read that painting is like hiking: there's lots of good stopping points along the way! :)
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  4. what a great idea! i'm always amazed at all the packaging I end up throwing away. I can imagine how freeing it would be to paint on it first! in fact, your painting is a keeper! love it!

  5. I love the bright happy colors you used. They are some of my favorites.

  6. This turned out so great! Yes, I struggle with when to stop, too, I always tend to overdo it! And I agree, painting on something like cardboard really frees you up to experiment and have fun! Lovely piece!

  7. This is truly a piece I would want to look at everyday!! It has all the colors and elements I love in a painting!! Very inspirational!!

    We have a very intense new recycle program starting oct 1st... we have recycled for years now, but I was noticing how huge our recycle bag has become.... shocking. I often refuse to buy things with too much packaging... certain take out franchises are the worst!! I do love those thick pieces of cardboard that come between shirts, great for artwork!! Yours looks like a canvas too! Alisa Burke uses cereal boxes too!! For years I painted any furniture that I could!!

    Great job!!!
    Hugs Giggles

  8. Wow! From the looks now, it your work doesn't look like it emerged from a recycled piece.It's a piece of beauty on earth. And I love your shades of blue and yellow, it's very refreshing.

    have a great week Jen!

  9. Such a beautiful color combo! Love the whimsical flowers! :)

  10. Fun! That is the word that jumped into my head the second I saw your paintings! So playful!

  11. Wonderful piece and lovely colorcombination!

  12. what a fun piece using something recycled. We try to recycle things into some useful purpose. If everyone did it would be less in the landfills. HPPF.

  13. Oh, how lovely this is! Everything about it! I too *love* painting on "trash" - and I can't get enough of that gorgeous blue you used!

  14. Love the colors for sure!! Yes I'm a trash collector.. I always try to beat my husband to the mail so I can grab the inserts and flyers that might find there way into my artwork. I'm also addicted to corrugated cardboard.. there I admitted it to the world!! LOL

    Love your work!

  15. i totally agree that trash IS freeing to paint on! I often paint on cardboard. These paintings are amazing... love your whimsical style and those soft colors. Beautiful artwork! Your paintings are a perfect example that you don't need expensive canvas to make something beautiful. xox