Sunday, September 2, 2012

Rejoice in the Simple Things - Journal Page

Hello my friends! Happy weekend. Happy loooong weekend in the States! School just started for us, but I was VERY excited to have 3 days off. Shouldn't every weekend be like that? We are only two weeks into the school year, and I am already looking forward to the lazy days of next summer. Lol! Just having that one extra day with my family makes my heart sing. :)

This last week, I started on another journal page from my portrait journal. I was inspired by Jenny & Aaron from Everyday is a Holiday who are sharing their wonderful creativity for an art journal class each Thursday. I love, love, LOVE the color palette this week. It was so much fun to work with!

I started by laying down some random scrapbook paper, vintage music sheets, and gesso. I also used some of the craft paper that I line my table with to add some texture. Whenever I change the paper (after I let it get grungy) I tear it into small pieces to use later. You can see it on this page in the bottom left corner. Next I added some acrylic paint and some more gesso using a popsicle stick. I love the texture gesso creates when I glob it on thick. 

I sprayed a white doily using fabric spray (post about it here), let it dry, and then attached it to the corner. It started to look like a body, so from there my girl was born. I love how she is turning out. Look at that pink hair! Love. I think the pink hair comes from secretly wishing I could dye my hair pink, loving Jenny's, and Daniele's fabulous style too. :) I added more paint, washi tape (new obssession - like I need more!) and words.

When I needed to choose some words, I looked through the stash I keep in a file folder by my table. The words...Her days were spent rejoicing in the simple things...jumped out at me immediately. I had recently read this amazing blog post written by the ever beautiful artist Melody Ross. I can speak for myself in saying that I take so much for much. The simple fact that I was able to get out of bed today and face this amazingly beautiful day God created with a healthy body, healthy children & Hubby, with food on my plate, a roof over my head, and hours filled with laughter - I am lucky. I am grateful. I am rejoicing in the simpleness that makes this life so wonderful. :)


  1. Wow! these pages are beautiful. The close up shots are great...seeing the texture from the way you applied the thick strokes of gesso. It's like an unsanded plaster effect. And you're working in our absolute fave color palette. For us, even if we are feeling our least creative...if we just squirt those colors onto our palette...a little magic is bound to happen. Thanks so much for linking up! We LOVE these pages.
    xo, Jenny & Aaron

  2. Woo hoo, crazy beautiful!!! Love this art journaling, and your process! (I have said for years, that weekends all need to be three days long so that there is a beginning day, a middle day to completely be relaxed, and an ending...when the anxiety hits...! With only a two-day weekend, there is no surprise wonderful center!) people are too tired for five-day work weeks anyway, aren't they, really? Can't we do it in four?! Anyway, enjoy this Labor Day!!!

  3. WONDERFUL! (And I want pink hair too - but no way would I have the guts ;) I love this page and all the details that went into it - and really like the addition of the kraft paper.
    Bravo, xoxo

  4. I absolutely love everything about these pages.