Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's a Good Day

Yes, yes it is!
How is your day going??

Today we are celebrating this handsome guy...

My Hubby is turning 40 today!!

Happy Birthday Babe! You are my best friend, supporter, best Daddy around, coffee companion, comedian who keeps us in stitches, bug catcher, crazy dancer, schedule maker, hand holder, family medic, king snuggler, expert of all things, and we are so lucky that God gave us you. 
We hope you know how special you are!

In other news...
I also just found out that I won a prize in Michelle Allen's 
giveaway at Close 2 My Art. Um, I feel like it is my birthday! I adore her art and you must check out her online store if you haven't already! 
So many adorable, fun things! LOVE!

I also have managed a little art and this sweet thing is waiting for me. :)

 I am currently crushing on yellow and want to use it everywhere!
What is your color crush right now??

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Art Geeking & an Altered Book


 I was cleaning out my garage the other day and found some treasures. One of my goals in 2012 is to get more organized, so the garage is on my tackle list. Now, you have to understand that before deciding to stay home after my son was born, I taught elementary school for 12 years. You can only imagine all the things I have hoarded collected during that time. I can assure you that my true "ark geek" self came out in full force when I found all kinds of old books that are screaming to be altered. I mean, you know, true "geek" status has arrived when the sight & smell of old paper makes your heart swoon. I think I actually squealed with joy when I found a red canvas book...long and skinny. 
It is such a fun shape!! 

A little side note on the word "geek." It is not negative at all. You are a geek in some way too. Do you love reading? You are a "Book Geek." Do you love music? Music Geek. Technology your thing? Tech Geek. You get the picture. I mean it in a completely positive manner. In Hubby is a total "Bug Geek." Yes, you read that right. Bugs. Funny story...totally off topic...but, this is what I think about when I think "geek." Hubby was a biology major in college with an emphasis in entomology. He would tell me stories (breathless from excitement) about sloshing through swamps studying mosquitoes. Shortly after we were married he took me on a bug trip. Seriously. I am not kidding. We went on a road trip to the desert in search of big bugs. Beetles I think. No sipping cool drinks by the pool or romantic dinners...nope. We drove around in search of big nasty (my word) beetles. He would hop out the car, running around trying to snatch these gigantic beetles. Hilarious. We don't go on "bug trips" anymore. But, he will grab any bug...anywhere. 
My kids are fascinated by him. He puts up with paint in my hair & I put up with an occasional bug in my freezer (preservation). Total geeks. :)

Back to the art!

I grabbed one of the books and felt like drawing happy flowers. 
I drew & painted right onto the paper. I love to see the text coming through. I used watercolors & my water brush. I love the yummy vintage illustrations the books have too. Such great backgrounds to start with already!

I also quickly worked on a girl all in pink. Speaking of geeks...I was inspired to paint one color by Christy Sobolewski. She as a great site called Art Geeks. Perfect, right? 
What are you "geeking" over?? :)

Oh, in case you were wondering - He has totally made up for the nasty bug trip with many lovely, relaxing excursions and romantic dinners. Plus, it's not so bad being married to a "bug guy." Besides the kids thinking their Daddy is the "coolest dad on the planet"  -  I never have to worry about who is going to get the spider. (Babe, I know you are reading this. Yes, I know spiders are not bugs.) I lump all those creepy crawling things together. :) Happy Creating!!
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Painting Minis


I have another 4x4 mini canvas done.
It is just the cutest little thing. Seriously, the size is just adorable.
I am completely obsessed with blue, so this mini darling makes me happy.
I think I will list her (Do you give your paintings a gender?? LOL) 
in my neglected shop tomorrow.
(Note to self : get with it and update the studio store for goodness sakes!)

I created the yummy texture by using modeling paste and a doily.
I love the tiny flowers. Too cute.

The other day I also found a package of 5 coasters made out of MDF that I thought would make more fantastic little canvases. As you can see from my pictures, 
I have another mild obsession with rounded edges. 
These coasters have rounded corners! LOVE.
Even better - 5 for $1...sweeeeeet! :)

I am not sure what I will do with them, but they are fun to work on.

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Hope you are having an inspired week!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


No art today.
Just a reminder that you are enough.
You are.
Just the way you are.
Even on those days when you don't think you good enough, 
or you can't take much more, or when your dreams seem to far out of reach,
or your energy has been zapped...
You are enough.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Little Life Book

I really enjoyed Tam's lesson this week for Life Book.

We worked on front facing portraits, adding texture with modeling paste, and honoring our past. I found this quote by Ralph Blum that I really like...
"The obstacles of your past can become the gateways that lead to new beginnings."

9x12 Mixed Media on watercolor paper
I like the way she turned out. But, I wish her expression didn't look quite so sad or worried. Does she look worried? I sometimes tend to be a "worrier." How interesting that it crept right into this painting. :)

It's funny. Each week I watch all the videos, but have yet to 
complete all the lessons. (Totally embracing my slow pace)
With this one...I jumped right in! 
My daughter, a little budding artist, watched Tam with me 
and drew with me.
I LOVE that!
Working with her reminds me to have eyes like a child. She adored her own work and was very proud of it. She kept making comments like, 
"Mommy, look at this nose. It looks real!"
"Mommy, this is soooo good."
"Mommy I think she needs big pink cheeks!"...and plopped them 
down with bold confidence. :)

I think I need to remember that fearless little girl I once was and 
embrace my inner child! :)

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Mind. Body. Soul - Believe

I have really loved art journaling lately. Like I have said before, it is such a wonderful place to play, experiment, get all the "icky" out, celebrate, and relax. The great thing too is there are so many wonderful places to share the art journaling journey too.

Today I am sharing the first page I did for Leslie's Mind. Body. Soul. free e-course. (It is also the first page in my new Strathmore Visual Journal and I am way impressed!) Each week there is a word to focus on and lots of other words of wisdom. I am "behind", but I have learned that I tend to work at a slower pace in all my courses & challenges. I am OK with that! I have a plan. :) 
I will catch up!

This journal is pretty big. It is 9x12, which I really enjoyed working in! I wasn't sure if I would. For me, this journal is a lot better than the Canson XL that I used before. That journal was spiral too, but it was perforated to make it easier to rip out. However, if you want the page to stay put all the wet media caused several pages to come apart. 
I just used tape to reinforce it. 
I like that I don't have to do that in this one. :)

I am off to go work on the next week - REACH!
Here it is intensified and Instagram-ed!

 Yes! You!