Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Citron Green & Turquoise - Last Week's Summer of Color 3

I love that color combo. Don't you? I guess, truly I am a fan of anything with turquoise. So when I saw that the first week of Twinkle Twinkle's Summer of Color 3 was a combination of green and aqua, I felt right at home. That still didn't help me get the challenge finished by the Sunday deadline though. Ha! It's not really a "deadline." I am still going to link this post up, I just missed out on a chance to win the fab giveaway. You can see all the first week entries HERE.

In my art journal I had a couple of simple black Sharpie doodles that needed some color. I thought this week's color combo would work perfectly. Using a black Sharpie makes for a super "quick" page. Sometimes I use pencil first. Other times I just go right for the Sharpie. On this page, I drew this little house with words in pencil and then went over that with pen. The hills were a perfect spot for some journaling too. It sure does feel good to get all those thoughts out! 

When I created this journal page, I was never planning on going back and reading what I wrote. The writing in my journals is more about the process and having a place to vent feelings, dream, release the "ickies", clear my mind and of course add texture. Sometimes the text shows, other times it is hidden beneath layers.

Each Monday there is a new color prompt at SOC. This week we are creatively playing with Orange and Hot Pink. So girly and fun, right? It makes me think of rainbow sherbert. :)   What is your favorite color combination?

Come vote for next week's color challenge and join in!

Happy Creating!


  1. How wonderful! Oh, I love your art! This was a great color combo, too, wasn't it?!!! Happy SOC to you!

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous! And YES, totally your colors ;) This is a beautiful layout, so happy that you added to the list, thank you! AND yes, just like our orange sherbet :) xoxo

  3. Blue and green shades, how refreshing! I love both. Hope you are enjoying summer Jen