Thursday, November 11, 2010

Art Journaling with Tam

Journal Page - Art, Heart & Healing

This is my first week's assignment in my art journal from Art, Heart & Healing. I have been taking a fabulous course from Tamara Laporte AKA Willowing on her ning site. It is FREE too! So generous. I have been having such a great time & she has interwoven some touching healing activities as well. She is the cutest thing ever & I adore her English accent. I so wish I sounded as darling! :)

For this assignment we were to write down all the negative thoughts we say to ourselves. Then paint over them using various background techniques. After thinking over all those terrible things we tell ourselves, we created a positive saying. This is suppose to be a self portrait. She really doesn't look that much like me. But, she represents me. I like that she looks a wee bit more realistic than usual. So, so fun!

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  1. Jen, I LOVE this!!! What a great exercise... I'm going to have to check out this course! Thanks so much for sharing your sweetness... and on the post below too! I'm glad your pity party was canceled ;)