Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I am so thankful for the creative time I have had over the last couple of days. I have really tried to set aside some time to focus on getting several of my paintings finished and the ones lurking in my head started. :) I don't know about you, but I jump from piece to piece. I am pretty funny. I have canvases, wood plaques, boxes, journals pages all spread out in different stages. I just can't seem to finish one from start to finish. My head jumps around too much or I am constantly hit with inspiration. Thinking about it now...I guess I really like it that way!!

I Believe - 8x10 Mixed Media on Canvas Panel

 This last weekend my kiddies were spending some time at Grandma's and it gave me some uninterrupted time. Of course this "precious" time started with a coffee fix (Hello Pumpkin Spice Latte - OH, how I have missed you!) and Hubby staring at me, as we oddly did not know exactly what to do with ourselves at first. With two little ones usually running around, the silence was almost frightening. But, I got over that quickly!!

Work in Progress....just not sure. :)   

It felt great to get so much done. I felt productive & energized. I need to remember how fortunate I am to have those little snippets of time for run off into my little whimsical world of angels, goddesses, and princesses. It is the best ME time! Love, love LOVE it!

Happy Creating,
Jen :)


  1. Yes, I remember the days when I had 5 young ones running around and every once in a while they'd be gone for the night--it was almost amazing to me.
    I'm so with you on the jumping around from one surface to another--this is what makes art so fun. Loving those hearts too---great pieces!!

  2. oh my goodness...isn.t the silence so weird once you finally get it? i LOVE that you danced with your sweet little one to IS a wonderful song isn.t it.
    happy weekend dear.

  3. Beautiful paintings! I love the eyes especially, they are so deeply expressive. I don't have children, but I have nephews, and I can imagine how precious time to ones self is. Glad you found some.