Monday, November 22, 2010

Week of Gratitude

Yosemite Summer 2010

Oh, how I love these three. They are my heart and soul. So, at the beginning of a week focused on thankfulness, how could I not mention my Babe, SugarBean, & LoveBug? :) They bring me the most joy, laughter, silliness, support, hugs, adventures, kisses, and love.

I ADORE you my Loves! I am filled with gratitude for every moment I have with you. Even when I am grouchy. I am one lucky Lady!
I look forward to many love filled adventures ahead.

 What are you most thankful for?


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  2. I love you. Yes, sometimes life throws you a healthy dose of "perspective" which really makes you think about priorities. My family is my joy I thank God for that. I am thankful for the opportunity to make a difference, inspire, support, love, and protect my family.

  3. Wow Jen I am blown away by your blog. You have such a creative gift. I am going to enjoy reading this. I am thankful for the most amazing woman God gave to my son and the mother of the most amazing grandkids. I am thankful I have a daughter-in-law who loves God with all her heart, also my son and her children. Love you.

  4. Sweet. So much to be grateful for. Sometimes I feel to rich and grateful for laundry soap, toilet paper and shampoo. I am grateful for health! But I am also really grateful for the comment Linda left. How lovely to hear a mom so appreciative of her daughter-in-law! :)