Friday, June 22, 2012

Catch Up Friday

Happy Friday!

I know I have said before how much I am enjoying my Life Book class with Tam Laporte. It has been so refreshing each week to have a new lesson or activity or interview to watch. The best part is being exposed to all the different instructors. I am LOVING that! I always find it so fascinating to watch an artist and her process. Very inspiring!! Tam just recently announced that there will be a Life Book 2013 too. Yay!

Even though I love the course, I am having a hard time "keeping up." I put parenthesis around that because there is NO pressure at all and the course is designed so that you have access to the videos for quite some time. BUT, I paid for the class...I want to learn...I want to do the, I need to get my tush in gear!! :) Plus Tam is doing a giveaway to encourage us to  treat ourselves to some art time and complete a lesson that we haven't done yet. Soooo, I was minus some kids yesterday (Thank you Grandma!) and found some time to work on one of Mystele's lessons.

I had created this background a couple weeks ago...

I added more layers of acrylic, pen, stamps, doodles. I wish I had my brayer. YES! It is still missing. It must be hiding somewhere in my house with the Blue Ray remote. My son is a master at finding new homes for things! :)

Then, like magic, shapes and figures began to emerge. A story began to unfold right there on the canvas. I didn't have any idea what I wanted to do as I started. Just as Myste demonstrates...stories can be "pulled" right out of the background already created. Little pieces of the puzzle begin to emerge and pretty soon I have a little piece of my heart laid onto canvas.

I have finishing touches to add. But, I really love working this way: creating a yummy, collaged background; then throwing whatever arty goodness I can reach onto it; finally "pulling" a story from it. LOVE. (By the way - I have NO idea if I punctuated that last sentence correctly. Don't hate on me if it is wrong. Lol.)

Life Book WIP
 You can tell I like girly, whimsy, and cutesy. I'll be back to show her off when she is all done. (PS I love that the word popping through in the large flower was written by me a looooong time ago in grade school.)

Are you taking any classes that you are loving???

Joining the lovelies over at Paint Party Friday and Studio JRU


  1. I am so wanting to get back into LifeBook, but really, how?

    I adore your pulling piece here. That is actually one I did do! I love the cutsie girl and her tights! yay!

  2. that's a wonderful piece you're working on! i love the layers. happy PPF and thank you for sharing,
    hugs, peggy aplSEEDS

  3. Hi! I love this, and I really enjoy seeing your process, how you layer your backgrounds so beautifully. Have a fun Saturday!

  4. I love seeing how you pull a story from your background! It is beautiful! She is so sweet! :)

  5. This is really great. I love how she turned out. Thank you for showing the process as you went along; it's fun to see how you changed the look at each juncture.

  6. I have to be the one to catch up with this post :) Its Monday now here and I failed to read your Friday post. As always, she's so pretty and if I may say, you never fail to inspire me in doing my own craft journal.

    Have a great week Jen!

  7. The piece looks lovely & what a cute girl...HPPF:)

  8. Amazing how all the pieces you added made everything come together so beautifully!

  9. had fun catching up on your blog. Loved the Father's Day idea and the kids pics. Made me laugh, love their different expressions! Your journal is beautiful, I thought the printing was Maddies, how cool it was yours.
    Enjoy your blog!

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