Friday, June 15, 2012

DIY Father's Day Gift Idea - Tutorial

I love taking pictures and making handmade gifts for those I love.
I would love to share a little project my kids and I made a couple 
months ago for my Hubby's birthday.
It would make a perfect gift for Father's Day! I know any dad, grandpa, uncle, papa, or friend would be happy to get something special like this. It is super easy and with Father's Day approaching in the States this Sunday - You still have plenty of time!! So, get those camera's out and let's go!!!

Frame with 3 openings 
Plastic tray from the Dollar Tree
Piece of Chalk
Red construction paper
Super cute kids
Candy: Totally optional, but it makes the super cute kids smile really big! :)
Chalkboard Paint (Now let's break this down...I used the brand Folk Art. It is what the craft store had at the time. I know there is chalkboard spray paint. You can pick that up from places like Lowe's. I have also heard that Martha Stewart's chalkboard paint is great as well. I want some Annie Sloan paint - but, it is expensive! I'll have to wait for a furniture project for that.)

The first thing you want to do is paint the clear tray with chalkboard paint. I had to paint many coats to make it truly black. Don't be alarmed when you start painting and it is super thin. Have faith. It will get darker as you continue to add layers. Be sure to let the paint dry completely before putting on another coat. I suggest painting the tray on a previous day. The best part is...after you are done, you have a great little chalkboard to use for other projects. I attached a rope to the back and hung mine over a desk in our hallway. It is a fun place to write words, quotes, or messages.

Next cut out various hearts from the red construction paper. I cut out two so each one of my kiddies could hold a heart. The size of your clan will determine how many hearts needed. 

Once your tray is dry, write the word "we" and decorate it a bit if you want. 

 Now, you have your cute chalkboard with the word "we," some red hearts, and some super cute kids. This is the time to bring out the candy. :) Find a place to take your pictures. Keep in mind that you want the words and adorable faces of your children to stand out...not a busy background. Think - backyard fence, garage door, porch, pretty field. Snap away!! When it is time, get some pictures with the word "You" and the red hearts.

 Finally, choose the pictures you like and edit them if you want. That is another optional step of course. But, I have to give a quick plug to PicMonkey. I LOVE it. It is free (for now) and has some very easy tools for editing your little gems. They even have ready made collage frames. LOVE it! After you print your gorgeous photos, pop them in the frame and poof - fabulous gift!

Super easy!
Super inexpensive!
Super fabulous! 

Oh, by the are some reasons why a little bribery may be in order...

I am sharing my project with Crafty Scrappy Happy and Sneak Peek Friday!

Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. What a fab project Jen...Handmade gifts are the best!!..I've tried the chalkboard paint in the past..but unlike you was not patient when it looked too will give it another try now!
    ..and how SUPER CUTE are your kiddies!! I especially LOVE the last 2 pics...Soooo natural!!... it's amazing what a differnce a small piece of candy can make!! LOL..
    Jan x

  2. This looks like so much fun! Thanks for the 'how-to' and all the photos are TOO CUTE!!

  3. Hello!
    This is a sweet project! And it will only get sweeter over time as those cute kids grow.

  4. That is such a cute project! Your kids are adorable! A wonderful gift! :)

  5. Easy, inexpensive, fabulous and more importantly an art from the heart. I love the craft and seeing your little dear ones on your post.

    Have a great week ahead!

  6. This is a really great project, Jen! And you have such cute kiddos :) Love chalkboard paint, too!

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