Saturday, June 30, 2012

Insta Love

I have had a hard time getting to the computer this week to post.
It has been full on summer mode in our house - which I love!
So I thought I would share some Instagram love from this week... beach time, date days, hometown visits, pool days with great friends, sprinklers & water balloons, and lots & lots of ice cream! : )

Here are a few favorites....

Date night with the cutest boy ever, reading new much inspiration!

A day at the beach. I grew up at the beach, so it always feels like a little bit of "home" to me. :)

The kids went to Grandma and Grandpa's to spend the night with their cousin, so we had the day to ourselves. We hit my hometown...and spent the day playing, eating (yummy build your own veggie burger), relaxing, movie watching, and just plain ol' fun!

Water balloon fights with lots of little girls and screaming. :)

...and the cutest summer toes ever!! 

I hope you are having a wonderful week!



  1. Sounds and looks womderful! Isn't summertime the best?!

  2. Indeed, the cutest toes, water balloons yay! priceless happiness!!

  3. Hi Jen,

    I looked to see where you live and it isn't listed - can only imagine it's on the west coast somewhere. I would have loved to be able to go to the beach and have a great, relaxing day.

    I thought I burned up my computer a few weekends ago, leaving it in a hot car. Luckily it came back to life!!!

    That's a fun stack of magazines!!