Saturday, October 20, 2012

Current Obsession - ATC Girls

ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) are so fun to make and painting fun little whimsy girls on them is even better. I am addicted. I have been painting these little beauties for the shop (which I will start stocking tomorrow...yippee! I only have 4 things listed right now, so they are very lonely. Lol) and can not stop. :) Kinda like when you eat M&Ms.... you know how you can't just stop at one. 
It is exactly like that.

I gesso a bunch at one time and let them dry. Then I create the first layer with my watercolors and water brush. The ATCs are the perfect size to take with me to the couch when I watch TV at night. I usually bring my pencil with me and sketch the face too. I love how quickly watercolor dries. It really makes them perfect for a first background layer. After I have several cards done I have been giving them a quick spray with fixative. When the portraits are this small, I don't like the graphite to move around on me. 

The following day I will finish them up in the studio with acrylic paint, pens, stamps, stencils, etc and finally some words. Super fun! I guess I should be calling them ACEOs since they are heading to the store. I did a little research and found out that when ATCs are going to be sold instead of traded they are referred to as ACEOs or Art Cards, Editions, and Originals. 
Either way, I love them!

I hope you come visit on Monday to see all the new things I have been working on for Sadie Lane Studio, but until then you must come join the Party. I am late...but, I can't help it - I must go Party! :)



  1. Beautiful, beautiful, Jen!!!! Wow. And, I can FEEL your excitement in them. Your Blog looks amazing, too!

  2. Great message and great art work! What more can we ask for Jen. I'm looking forward on the next crafts. Have a great week ahead!

  3. Wonderful ladies! I have Captain an Etsy team of ATC artist although many of us create all different forms of art. AFA Etsy Team are all artist that met through ATCsforAll. Anyway I hopped on over for Paint Party Friday and sure have enjoyed your delightful art! Happy PPF!

  4. These girls are adorable! Thanks for explaining the difference between ATC and ACEO! Now I finally know ... Love your Etsyshop!