Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Melting into Fall & Some News

Happy October!

Can you believe it is here already? 
I can't...really.

Fall pumpkin tutorial right here.

 Just this morning - I was doing the Autumn happy dance, dreaming of boots, smiling at my pumpkins, the smell of cinnamon tickling my nose, pumpkin spice latte in hand...
then I stepped outside (in flip flops).
I literally had to grab the door for support. I thought I might melt right there. Seriously, puddle up right there on my porch from the heat. I know summer in southern California can linger well into September... but, I need summer to pack her bags and head out. I need cool, dreamy fall weather. :)

Well, with Fall excitement in the air I am painting up a storm. I am trying to find any little bit of available time I can to get into my art studio and work. I am painting like a mad woman. :) The super exciting news is that I have decided to have a Re-Grand Opening of my ETSY shop. YIIIPPEE!! MY little shop has been so neglected that I decided to pour some heart and soul into it. I am working hard on new items and beyond excited to share them with you. Soooo...

Come visit Sadie Lane Studio's Etsy Shop
on Monday October 22nd!!!
  (and visit me here on the blog too for a special reader coupon! Yay!!)

Super excited!

Instagram of a new journal page. Post coming tomorrow! Find me @sadieinspired

Sometimes you just have to get out there and take steps toward those dreams. Even if the steps are baby all counts!
Where are you dreams taking you today? Do tell!!

Dream Big! :)

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  1. Its certainly getting cooler in the UK now. Visited your Etsy shop and faved, I know what you mean mine needs much more love too.

    I dream to be good enough to turn it all into art one day. Did some painting last few days, nothing worth keeping though, I do enjoy it.. just wish I would improve any time soon.