Thursday, October 20, 2011

Inspired Home - 10/19

I love all things creative. 
Of course I love art...but, I love crafting, decorating, revamping, up-cycling, jewelery making, party throwing, holiday get the picture - I love it all. So, since I am a craftaholic and it is fall...I thought I would share a quick, easy project I just finished. Plus, my bloggy friend Jaime over at  
Crafty, Scrappy, Happy has a wonderful blog & link up party full of fun, creative ideas. I know she would love to have you pop over. Between all my favorite art blogs, crafty/home blogs, and Pinterest, my project list continues to grow...
ridiculously large. :)

Here is my cutie little pumpkin. It used to be bright orange and pretty banged up. All it needed was some TLC. I adore white pumpkins and twine, so I thought I'd change up the pumpkin to match more of the decor in my house. I love them so much - I made two. The only thing I would add next time, is maybe some book pages. Gotta love vintage book pages, right?? :)

All you need is a pumpkin, spray paint, hot glue (watch your fingers), twine, scissors, and a pencil.

Everybody needs a smiley face pencil.
First, I hid a multitude of imperfections with a couple coats of white spray paint. I seriously love spray paint. It is so quick & easy. I tend to use Rustoleum's Painter's Touch, but any paint will work. 

After it had time to dry, I hot glued the stem with twine and wrote the word I wanted on the front with my pencil. Be sure to write lightly & be careful. I found out the hard way that erasing does not work very well...
hello, more spray paint!

Then, I traced over my written word with my hot glue and carefully followed with my twine. My goodness - my poor little fingers. I don't know how many times I have burned them in my crafty career. I usually keep a pair of tweezers with me to help guide what I am gluing or move things around.

Finally, I just let the glue dry and pulled away all those annoying glue strings. (If you are a hot glue groupie, you know exactly what I am talking about!) Now the "glammed" up pumpkin is ready for the mantle or another
little nook. :)

Next week I will share a fabulous book paper banner inspired by 



  1. Hi Jen! Wow you never fail to amaze me. You are really an all around, creative, artistic and the best mom!

  2. This is very cool--and a great idea!!
    (HATE those glue strings--the only down side to glue guns)

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE! You are amazing. This is so simple and cool and something I have never seen! :o)

  4. These are awesome! SO elegant and smart - the white paint makes it. Really beautiful, xo

  5. WOW! Adore your altered pumpkin! Love the white with the twine wording! Fab Fall creation!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Jan x

  6. I love this, so clever and cute!