Sunday, October 30, 2011

Art Filled Home

That is what I would love...a home filled with art. I would love to see the walls filled with children's art (already have a lot of this!) , others artist's pieces, some more pieces made by my hands, sculpture, mixed media, abstract, beautiful words & inspiration, color...just a bunch everywhere. Wouldn't that be inspiring?

Around my house, I definitely see the need to fill up the walls, corners, ledges, and shelves with beautiful works of art. So until my pockets fill up with more $$ so I can buy some art...I will work to fill it with some of mine. This week I had fun repainting a canvas that I had purchased at Michaels in the clearance section. Somewhere (Pinterest no doubt) I saw words laid out scrabble style & liked the way it looked. So I added our names using an ABC stencil. I am not sure if I am finished yet...but, I am happy with the way it is turning out. :)

 Do you have a lot of art around your home? 
How do you like to display it?



  1. A whole house filled with personal that's a home sweet home! Hugs, kathy

  2. Great idea to use your own creativity to fill your walls. I've got plenty of purchased art but find I am slowly replacing it with pieces I make - I love seeing my own efforts on the walls! As I make something I like better, I replace other pieces and so it's like a rotating gallery (not that I have that many that are ready for public viewing, but it's a plan, right?). Enjoy the process!
    Visiting from Artist in Blogland (AIB)

  3. Hi Sadie,
    I love to have art around my house, and we're the same- I make my own! I have walls yet to fill! But that's OK! Patsy from

  4. Yes! I'm with you there! I have so many quilts on my walls and other art around the house...that it's a source of constant delight! Love the piece you've done here on canvas. if you're looking to save can try buying old pictures on canvas from thrift stores and paint over them. Might be cheaper than the art stores!

  5. Oh!!! Is there anything better than a home filled with children's art??? I can't think of it!! Our whole house is filled with Tara's art..she loves it do we!! Thee are tons of things you can do...handprints, coloring pages, paintings etc. I put them in a frame to make them extra special. Ikea has these awesome frames for 2bucks (!!!) that have plastic instead of can but tons at that price!!
    And Jen...I love your Fall is just adoarble:) AndI know what you mean about letters:) xxx

  6. I would love a art filled home :)... My craft room is where I display my artwork and those I've traded with other arty people....So inspiring to look at.
    Love the colours and texture in your new canvas Jen..
    Jan x

  7. Hi Jen! As a grown up who remains to be very kid at heart, I also dream of a place or at least a space in my home where I could see a lot of unadulterated art works of kids.

    I enjoy seeing works of kids. There's a deeper connection and story I feel everytime I look at kid's works.

    I've been offline in the blogosphere for a week and I feel that I missed a lot from your blog. Gotta catch up later!

  8. Yes!! I love it, too!! We have a lot in common in this area...last new year my resolution was to get rid of all the mass produced art in the house....haven't quite made it but I have 2 more months to go! I love this post. :)

  9. Ooh, very cool idea! And beautiful, soft colors. I agree with your desire to have more art in the home and think it's awesome that you are doing it yourself!
    I have hung some of my own, but I have never created a piece specifically for my home . . . BUT I do have a sort of "gallery" of around a dozen pieces hung in a part of Kendra's bathroom - and each is either made for or inspired by her. xoxo

  10. I'm the same, would love a house filled with art, on the cabinets, furniture and everything. Thinking may be when I have children I'll let then draw on the walls lol beautiful as ever, thanks for sharing love, Jennibellie xx

  11. Wow..these are gorgeous and full of harmony..just like you! beautiful !