Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hello Tuesday & Printer Questions

 Happy Tuesday Friends! 
I hope your week is starting off well. It is a beautiful cloudy morning here. After the crazy heat we have had lately, I am loving the gloom. There a little fall chill in the air and I am tempted to dust off my boots. :) Since my daughter is at school and my youngest is at Grandma's house today - I am hoping to get LOTS of painting done. Besides a doctor's appointment (Dread. Boo. Hiss) the rest of the day is dedicated to studio stuff. Yiippeee!!

My studio desk looks pretty colorful too. Current obsessions : Americana craft paints in Indian Turquoise, Pineapple, Butterscotch, Spa Blue, 
and Carousel Pink. Swoon!

I also found some circular wood panels (not very thick) that I LOVE.
The shape of it is so super fun.

You Are Sunshine - WIP

So, here is what I am wondering, if you are making prints of your work - Do you print yourself? Which printer do you use? 
Do you have them printed by someone else? Online?
Your input is greatly appreciated! :)

Have a Beautiful Day!


  1. Hi!!
    I love the aqua and orange I missed below - and LOVE this new batch of inspiration! I hope yesterday was pure arty bliss . . .
    I am just having some prints made now (yay) and am doing it through a professional printer. I think in the end you will pay the same as Kinkos but will have more control of the paper and outcome. I can never seem to get it right at home.
    AND YAY for the gloom! You know I am loving it here, xoxo

  2. Gloomy, cool weather is the best!! I wish I had some printing wisdom to share with you, but actually I am in the same boat. Years ago I had an HP printer that made the best prints for cards. The colors were accurate and such. But the inks did fade over time (a year) so I learned to just stick to cards from my home printer. Actual prints? I would like to find a printer but alas...

  3. SUCH beautiful colors, Jen! I especially love the turquoise. I think you and I think along the same color lines.

    As for printing, I would love to have my own Epson printer, but I outsource it. I've investigated a few other places lately because I'm not completely happy with the outcome.
    Catherine Denton