Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Whimsy Girl Mixed Media Mini Book

Oh, how I have missed painting whimsical mixed media girls! It has been months. Months! I was feeling super inspired after seeing so many lovely faces on my Instagram and Pinterest feeds (I have SO many artsy, creative friends) that I just needed to sit and paint.

I started painting and just couldn't stop. :) I guess that is what happens when inspiration hits. I decided that I would make a mini book filled with all the girls. I grabbed my bin of cut down pieces of thin cardboard from food boxes. Like I have mentioned before, I like to break down old food boxes like crackers, cereal, and pasta. I put them in a bin close to my studio table. I throw junk mail in there too. It is great for grabbing easily and painting on. 

To help my creative flow move along easily, I like to create several backgrounds all at once. I like to do this especially if I am making a mini book. I work on a bunch of backgrounds all at one time and then I can pull one out at any time to finish. I use the shapes in the backgrounds to inspire the figures I sketch out. It always amazes me to see the different pictures that can be found. 

Along with each mixed media girl, I am using a quote and adding it to the pages also. Happy words...inspiring words...positive phrases...scriptures - just whatever I am feeling at that moment.

I will be back soon when my mixed media mini book is all finished and show you how it turned out! If you want lots of little peeks along the way, please come follow me on Instagram @sadieinspired

Happy Creating!

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