Friday, May 16, 2014

Playing with Inspired Color Palettes

I don't know about you, but I am usually drawn to the same color palette. I can pretty much guarantee that my art work, journal pages, crafty projects, or scrapbook layouts will probably have a collection of colors like - aqua, yellow, gray and some pink. There is usually some shades of orange too. Not bright crazy colors...more pastel in flavor. That's it. That is my usual color combination.

So, the other day (while I was feeling adventurous) I was painting with my son and I decided to use the colors he chose for my art journal page. I didn't steer him toward the aquas (which I wanted to do, Ha!) and just let him pick away. His favorite color is red, so I knew there would be some unfamiliar painting colors for me. :)

It was such a wonderful creative release to just paint with whatever I had in front of me. The happy discovery of this little color adventure was that I realized that I really like adding dark navy blue to my pages! I hardly EVER grab for that color. It seems so dark. But I LOVED using it!  

I was thinking about some other fun ways to change up my usual color combos. Here is a small list of what I came up with....

  • Blindly reach into your paint bin & pull out 5 colors
  • Search for color palettes on Pinterest & work from the colors in one
  • Visit one of your favorite home decor blogs or magazines and pull a color combination from a favorite room
  • Try using a monochromatic selection with your favorite color
  • Find a fabulous scrapbook page and use the colors as inspiration for a painting
  • Ask each person in your family (or a group of friends) to give you one color. Put them together as one palette.
  • When you are at the grocery store, snap a pic of a bouquet of flowers & use it to inspire you
  • Do you have a favorite football or basketball team? Or maybe old school  colors? Use these colors to spark your color adventure! :)
  • Come join the Summer of Color 4 at Twinkle Twinkle - It starts June 2nd! It is a free 6 week blog party full of color prompts. SO fun!

Another page started in an altered book with the colors from my sons palette.
White added by me. :)

GO ahead...go change up your color choices. You never know what you may discover. 
Happy Creating!!

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  1. I am right there with you!! I love what you created, and I love the tips!! I usually get so caught up in the same colors, and will give your challenges a try. I can't wait for SOC to begin....