Thursday, May 22, 2014

Prayer Portrait - Sunday Mornings Class with Mindy Lacefield

This past Sunday I began a FREE class called Sunday Mornings with the amazing artist, Mindy Lacefield! It is a 5 week, christian focused art class she is giving on her ning site Tim's Sally. I can not tell you how perfect the timing is for this sweet offering. It's funny how God works like that! HE is always sneaking unexpected blessings into life...exactly when my feeble little heart needs it. :)

Perfectly timed, this past Sunday my pastor was talking about cherishing the "small things" in life. He was reminding us how easily we can become so focused on the next "big" thing, success, etc - eyes so fixated on the ten steps ahead rather than the present. We are all so busy, scheduled, moving from event to event, overwhelmed by TO DO lists - that right before our very own eyes...perfect, little cherish-able moments are missed or I think taken for granted. I know I have been guilty of that for sure. So I vowed right there in my seat to notice more actively all the blessings that rain upon me each day.   Large and tiny..... :)

So, that afternoon inspired by Mindy, my Creator, church, the other beautiful creatives sharing words & art in the class, and the knowledge of all the grace HE gives me...I painted a whimsical prayer portrait. 

It was so fun to paint with a process different than what I am used to. I usually use the shapes from the background to start my girls and then sketch them out. With this painting, I placed the face first by laying down some old book pages with Mod Podge. (Mindy used tissue paper) Then I just used paint to paint her pencil! That was a little scary for me! It's all about trying new things and growth, right? :) I also used more pinks and blues in her face. SO fun!!

I love how she turned out! I am really looking forward to Mindy's next project coming up this Sunday. If you want to join Sunday Mornings come visit right HERE !

Happy Creating!!


  1. Beautiful, beautiful! I love it! Have a happy weekend!

  2. Very nice. I really like this piece of art. Well done

  3. Very nice...! I love so much your mixed media art!

  4. His grace is enough... hooo I love this phrase..! Love your mixed media art....