Friday, March 29, 2013

From Sketch to Journal Page - She Listens

Last week, when time at my art table was slim, I started feeling the nudge. That quiet (and sometimes booming) voice calling me to get creative. I didn't want to give up my family time, so I snuggled up with my Hubs & kiddies on the couch (movie night) and did a quick sketch in my journal. 

She started out with just basic lines. Quick and loose because I wanted to watch the movie! :)

After more time the following day, she looked like this...

Now she has some color, more detail, and the words... "Listen to the whispers of the heart." I have just a few more little details to add and then some more writing.

Just a little reminder to myself (and you!) to always listen to the truth that lies deep inside your heart. Don't be discouraged by circumstances, negativity, insecurities, or the words of others. Be encouraged - you are beautiful...just as you are. Happy Friday Friends...Happy Good Friday. :)


  1. Shes so pretty. I love how soft the colors are.

  2. Oh she is beautiful Jen... soft and pretty... love seeing her beginnings as well... hope you had a very happy Easter...

    Jenny ♥