Monday, March 25, 2013

What to do With All Those Scraps

You know that I love paper. So, being enamored with all kinds of paper...I find it hard to throw any scraps away. I am always thinking, "Wait, I know I can use that for something." What do you do with your scraps of paper? Of course being a mixed media artist allows me to create all kinds of interesting backgrounds from a mixture of papers. Some fab paper, some Mod Podge, and canvas (or journal, or cardboard, or scrap wood)...what more do you need? :)

So, right next to my studio table I have a basket that I keep as a collection bin for the various bits of paper. Whether I am working on pieces for the shop, getting crafty making some DIY project for the house, or creating pages for Project Life - there is always oodles of extra paper. I toss them into the basket in hopes that they will make their way onto another project. I also keep a larger plastic bin (the inexpensive ones - shoe box size - from the organizational section of Target) that I keep small pieces of paper in as well.

Every once in awhile, when the bin is getting close to max capacity, I decide it's time to do something with them. I take all the little pieces of paper and glue them down in my journal or another surface. I don't pay much attention to where I put them because I know much of it will be covered up in layers. All the little papers together make for an interesting background.

Now I have some backgrounds ready to be layered up with paint, stamps, stencils, pen and more. I have cleared out my little basket and have pieces ready to start. Love it! Little pieces of paper would also be perfect for making cards, bookmarks, journaling cards, or a creative stash for your kids to art with. The 5x5 wood panel directly above, got some artsy attention and made it's way into my store. Here it is all finished.

You could also use the left over paper pieces to collage darling pieces like the one below. Look at these fun, colorful flowers. Little bits of paper goodness are perfect for pieces like this!! Wait until you see some of the new patterned paper I got too. It is just divine!! See, I needed to get rid of my scraps to make room for more. Ha! I have a serious paper problem. :)

Happy Creating!!


  1. I have a big box too! And I LOVE what you did with yours ;) xoxo

  2. You might know that I am paper obsessed too...! I LOVE your collage backgrounds with all of the pieces and snippets! Great idea. I too can not throw any scraps away...but now I don't have to! Haha!! ~ kathy

  3. Oh I just love hopping by your blog to see what fabulous creativity you are up to Jen...fabby idea for collaged backgrounds..I've loads of scraps too!...and I just adore your beautiful angel canvas in a previous post!...Jan x

  4. If there is a word that exceeds upcycling, it would perfectly describe your artwork Jen! How could those scarps of paper can turn to a beautiful inspiration.