Friday, March 8, 2013

New Orignal Art and Happy Friday

Happy Friday! I am always happy to greet Friday morning, aren't you? It may be cold, dreary, and rainy outside - BUT, it is Friday - so it is alllllll good. :) Rain is perfect for a cozy, relaxing day inside anyways. That is exactly what me and my little guy are doing today. Yesterday we celebrated my daughter's 8th (what!?) birthday, but came home from our dinner out to my son getting sick. Boo! So my daughter ended her celebration in tears because she was worried about her brother (super sweet). He is feeling MUCH better now thank goodness, but the slow morning has finally allowed me to get some computer work done - MY word! 

Before I get to the new paintings, I wanted to show you my daughter's decorated birthday seat. This is one of our family traditions. Each year for the kid's birthdays I decorate their seat for their birthday morning. The excitement they get from running downstairs to see their special space warms my heart and make is SO worth it! This year I decided on hearts (let's be honest - because it was easy!) and had fun laying out a bunch of pictures (old and new) too. I had to hold back Mama tears seeing my baby a baby! I know we say it all the time but, it all goes WAY too fast. Sigh...

On with the art... I finally listed this angel I painted with textured wings. I just LOVE using modeling paste on angel wings. It has sparkle too!! Gotta love the sparkle. :)

I wrote about this beautiful color combo back here and now she is in the shop. I am slightly obsessed about this color combo. Throw in some aqua and I am weak in the knees. ;) I am loving her trendy feather too.

AND, a bright - oh so happy - abstract 6x6 that I created on cradled wood. Ready to hang cradled wood = my absolute FAVORITE - hands down. Big, gushy love.

It's funny. I love painting whimsical girls, sweet girls for room decor, inspirational girls with positive messages... but, I would be more likely to hang abstract art in my own home. Well...or flowers maybe. But, not really girls. Funny how that works. Look at this fun circular wood panel (about 7 inches across) that is heading into the shop. Isn't the shape fun!? This wood panel is too thin to attach a sawtooth hanger, so I am selling it as is. BUT, it looks wonderful in a stand. So it is perfect for a shelf or top of a dresser. I am definitely going to try and find more of these wood circles!

That's it for now. But I feel a creative burst coming on so I am hoping my creative mojo explodes. :) I hope you are having a wonderful week full of joy, smiles, and artsy goodness. Are you planning any projects this weekend? We are planning a Dr. Seuss themed birthday party for the following weekend, so I will probably be somewhere between Whoville and the land of Truffula Trees. :)

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  1. oh ... the vibrant colors in Embrace It All let me know that spring is right around the corner. So alive, so beautiful!


  2. Your daughter must have loved her seat! What a wonderful tradition!
    Loved all your pieces. Great messages on them!

  3. Love your work! I really love "Be Brave in Truth"! beautiful!:)

  4. "greet each day with a smile"

    Thank you for that reminder Jen. A little smile can really go a long way.

    Belated happy birthday to your Princess. I love your annual family tradition of making someone feel special on her today. When I become a mom (if ever i will ever meet my prince hahaha) I will surely be a copycat of your tradition. haha

    Wishing you a great week ahead Jen!

  5. love all the new art! beautiful colors!! happy birthday to your sweet girl. i love the idea of decorating the chair of the birthday person! that is so much fun! :)